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‘In special cases, candidates can register by paper or extend the registration period’

This is the first year a student register for the contest online instead of in person by vote like every year. As of the afternoon of May 5, more than 350,000 candidates have register for the contest graduating from high school in 2022. Before wondering about possible network congestion and network errors, Deputy Minister of Education and Training Hoang Minh Son emphasized that he had prepared plans to deal with technical problems: “A solution to handle technical problems: Dealing with technical problems is something that we had to think from the beginning because there were hundreds of thousands of candidates registered to take the exam.”

Deputy Minister Son said: “There are two situations that happen: One is that many candidates do not have access to computers, the Internet and even poor internet skills. Therefore, we asked the Department of Education and Training, high schools prepare facilities, staff and teachers to guide and support the children.

Second, the concern about transmission lines in some remote and remote areas with a large number of candidates may not be guaranteed. We have tested it very carefully, preventing the possibility of hundreds of thousands of candidates accessing the network at the same time. In case network congestion occurs, there must be a team on duty to expand bandwidth and transmission lines. In special cases, students can register by paper or extend the deadline for registration without being too hasty.”

A representative of the Ministry of Education and Training also said that as of the afternoon of May 5, the system was operating stably and smoothly during the process of candidates registering for the exam.

Schools that support students to register for the 2022 high school exam

Recorded at some high schools in Hanoi, many face-to-face exchanges between teachers and students answered questions and let students quickly complete the information for the high school graduation exam.

Luong Bao Khoi, class 12A3, Ha Thanh High School, Hanoi shared: “The most difficult part for me is the district code, I don’t know how, so I’m still empty”.

Meanwhile, classmate Pham Thuc Anh also said: “All information on the application, I think needs to be carefully reviewed. If I have any questions, I will ask teachers and friends in detail to complete. registered form”.

According to the evaluation of the schools, the online registration on the system is more convenient but must ensure the accuracy of information.

'In special cases, candidates can register by paper or extend the registration time' - Photo 1.

“Incorrect filling in information greatly affects the examination process later. As in previous years, according to the Department’s statistics, there were candidates who incorrectly filled in the priority plus point, so when considering university, review the information. If you believe, all exam results will be cancelled. Parents and candidates need to pay attention,” said teacher Nguyen Sau Quyen, Vice Principal of Ha Thanh High School, Hanoi.

Meanwhile, teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ha, head of class 12E2 of Marie Curie School Hanoi said: “The online registration form, reducing the load, more accurate information, teachers will not have to collect too many records. as in previous years. If students are confused, we will support them.”

In addition to closely monitoring and supporting students to register for exams, the schools are also promoting knowledge review. From now until the end of 5pm on May 13 is the time for students to register for the exam by online form. During this time, students need to prepare mentally and physically, and actively review knowledge and basic skills for each exam subject.

Possible situations and solutions

Candidates should remain calm when a situation arises with the account when registering. Some situations that may arise and solutions are as follows:

'In special cases, candidates can register by paper or extend the registration time' - Photo 2.

Candidates need to keep in mind the support information channels when having problems to ask:

Support switchboard: 1800 8000 branch number 2;

Phone number of the high school, the teacher in charge of information technology of the school is responsible for supporting candidates.

Before asking, candidates need to write down the information they need to support to contact for a one-time question and answer).

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