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Is charging your phone all night bad for the battery?

You may have heard that phone charger Overnight is not good. Maybe you’ve heard that it’s perfectly fine. Some of this confusion is due to advances in battery technology. There are things that were true at one time that are no longer true. So what is the right way to charge the phone?

How charging works

Smartphones are designed with safeguards in mind to keep the battery and other components inside safe. One thing that can harm a phone is overheating, which is the cause of many concerns about overnight charging.

Most phones will charge quickly when you plug them in or put them on a wireless charger for the first time. After a while, the charging will slow down and stop completely when it reaches 100%.

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Protect your phone battery

You may have heard that keeping the battery charged between 20-80% is best. Apple and some Android manufacturers have introduced extra features to keep your phone within that range as much as possible.

Starting with 2019’s iOS 13, iPhones have an “Optimized Charging” feature. When turned on, the phone stays at about 80% for most of the night. Several Android devices have essentially the same feature. OnePlus calls it “Optimized Charging;” Google Pixel phones have “Adaptive Charging”. Samsung Galaxy devices go a step further and let you keep the battery at 85% at all times.

If you charge your phone overnight, you should enable these features if available. It makes overnight charging a little less of a problem.

How to identify “improper charging”?

With the protections in place, you’re very unlikely to damage your phone’s battery. However, the battery will degrade over time. It’s just a matter of what you did to slow down the “aging” of the battery.

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The charge cycle is a factor that affects the life of the battery. The more charge cycles it goes through, the more the battery degrades. This is why it is best to keep your phone at 20-80% charge for as long as possible. That’s why overnight charging can accelerate battery degradation.

What is the correct way to charge overnight?

There are a few things you can do when you charge your phone overnight and minimize battery damage. First and foremost, make sure the device has enough room to “breathe”. Overheating is one of the causes of rapid battery failure. So make room for the device and don’t cover it up with anything.

The other important thing you can do is choose the correct charging device. Using the charger that came with your device and those designed specifically for it is very important. Alternatively, you might consider avoiding “fast charging” during bedtime.

Also, you have to accept that batteries can’t last forever. Your daily use of the phone is also degrading the battery quality.

When do you need to replace your phone charger? When do you need to replace your phone charger?

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