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Mercury retrograde from 10/5

Starting May 10, Mercury will be retrograde for the second time in Gemini. This makes areas such as information, communication, transportation, technology may face some difficulties.

However, this event is one of those events that happen about 3-4 times a year so we don’t need to worry too much about what it causes. In contrast, the time of Mercury retrograde helps each person to reconsider, redo, and re-evaluate what they have done so far.

Mercury is the subjective planet of Gemini, and Mercury will be retrograde in this zodiac sign, making it difficult for you to put your thoughts into words the way you want them to. During this time, you may also meet your ex again, or communication may get you into drama.

The advice for you this season of Mercury retrograde 2 is to think carefully before speaking, learn to listen more and not to dramatize everything.

Now, let’s see how Mercury’s 2nd retrograde in Gemini affects the 12 signs of the Zodiac!


Aries is known to be the impulsive, hot-tempered, whatever you think of the Zodiac. During this Mercury retrograde season, you are advised to think before you speak because expressing your feelings and thoughts too much can get you into drama.


Taurus in this Mercury retrograde season needs to rethink the way you spend your money. You should learn to change your spending habits, cut unnecessary expenses. This is exactly what you need to do during this time.


Gemini is a very talkative, intelligent and quick Zodiac sign, but in this Mercury retrograde season, you need to try to listen more. Gemini can miss out on great connections if you’re just talking about yourself.

Mercury retrograde from May 10 to June 3: The second retrograde of the year brings many changes to the 12 zodiac signs - Photo 2.


Ex-girlfriends, old friends may reappear in your life this Mercury retrograde season. What you need to do during this time is to deal with all outstanding issues thoroughly, and let things go back to the way they were before or let go of it completely.


Leo may uncover some truths this season of Mercury retrograde. This also makes you more able to see the thoughts of those around you. During this time, you may end up severing some relationships but that only means you will have room for more sincere relationships in the future.


All eyes will be on Virgo during this 2nd Mercury Retrograde. Every success or failure, especially in Virgo’s work, receives special attention. That’s why this zodiac sign needs to try their best. You probably won’t receive any rewards during this time, but when Mercury turns retrograde, you might get a promotion or raise.


If you have any travel plans in mind during this Mercury retrograde season, be sure to double-check all relevant schedules, emails, and paperwork. Please take the time to check before you start your journey!

Mercury retrograde from May 10 to June 3: The second retrograde of the year brings many changes to the 12 zodiac signs - Photo 3.


This Mercury retrograde makes you think a lot about give and take in your relationships. In addition, during this time you will also have time to organize the emotions and thoughts that are rushing to your mind.


The second Mercury retrograde season in 2022 causes Sagittarius to spend a lot of time reflecting on the foundation of their romantic relationship. You realize what you need is romance, loyalty, and energy. In addition, during this time, Sagittarius will also pay more attention to their health and daily living habits.


Capricorn will likely “run the deadline” continuously during this Mercury retrograde season. Work pressure makes you more tired and stressed, although Capricorn is inherently a workaholic. This is the time when you need to take a break, take a step back from the hustle and bustle of life to slow down and listen to your heart more.


This retrograde of Mercury does not affect Aquarius too much. Even so, you tend to be more self-contained during this stage, don’t like to express yourself too much and even lack confidence.


Pisces is encouraged to pay more attention to their family and home. It looks like a few appliances in your home are in need of repair during this period. In addition, this is also the time when Pisces needs to carefully consider any problems that arise when connecting with the people most important to them.

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