Please ‘slander’ to help us grow

Recently, the event of CEO Yody on behalf of the company’s leadership posted an announcement on Facebook and the website https://BucTuongLongNgong.Yody.vn/ attracted the attention of the online community, because this is the first case of a Vietnamese enterprise publicly launching a large-scale campaign to call on employees, partners or customers to “unmask” policies and products. company products.

It is common for brands to receive passive feedback from customers via hotline, email or social networks. However, organizing a methodical, serious and demanding campaign like Yody seems to be very rare.

Instead of passively receiving, the leadership of this fashion company launched a program to attract contributions from both inside – employees, former employees; and outside: partners, customers and even those who are not customers of Yody.

In the letter, CEO Nguyen Viet Hoa mentioned the story of My Chau spreading goose feathers as a sign for Trong Thuy, the story of the “small hole in the shipwreck” and the reason for launching the program. According to Mr. Hoa, after years of focusing on rapid development, the time has come for the management and staff of Yody to look back, observe, listen and work towards changes to take better care of customers.

The desire of Yody’s leadership when launching the campaign is to receive a lot of comments, to recognize and listen; so it can do better what’s already done, do what’s right better, and improve the quality of things the brand hasn’t had a chance to focus on yet.

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The call for sincere comments from the Yody Board of Directors.

In addition to building a website so that people can easily send suggestions and share with us, Mr. Nguyen Viet Hoa – CEO of Yody also confided: “Through this campaign, Yody’s management wants all employees, former employees, partners and customers to give the most sincere and frank suggestions for Yody.

I and the board of directors, managers,… are committed to listening, understanding, giving sincere feedback and considering those suggestions as a guideline to guide Yody’s change and improvement in the future. next time.

Yody aims to bring the best value, from products to services to customers. We believe that it is also the only way for Yody to develop better and contribute more values ​​to society and the community.“.

In fact, the comments were personally recorded, listened to and responded to by the CEO and Yody Board of Directors on the fanpage of the campaign called “Goose feather wall”, as well as the internal community of employees. Yody.

According to the sharing of the organizers, Yody has now received nearly 1,000 constructive contributions, improvement ideas, and words of love and congratulations from employees, partners and customers. Yody employees and customers are very excited to submit their comments, considering this a firm commitment from the company for the development, listening and improvement of this brand.

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The Yody brand once set a record for the largest Vietnamese brand fashion store in Vietnam at Bac Giang showroom in 2020.

Yody is an 8 year old fashion startup. Experiencing rapid development, from the first store in 2014 until now, this Vietnamese brand has nearly 200 stores spread across 39 provinces.

Yody currently has 5 offices with more than 4000 employees, with the mission of bringing the highest satisfaction in products and services to customers, gradually becoming a reliable fashion shopping address for families. Vietnam.

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