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So how much is enough?

What do young people think about graduating from school with a salary of 7 million VND/month?

The line shared by a female student about her graduation salary of only 7 million dong is receiving the attention of a large number of online communities, many conflicting opinions have erupted throughout the forums.

The expert countered the

The story is causing a stir on many social networking forums (Artwork).

Bring stories from the virtual network to real life, discuss and share quickly with Reporter Dan VietStudent Nguyen Hong Nhat (22 years old, Academy of Journalism and Communication) thinks that a salary of 7 million/month for fresh graduates is appropriate if you have no experience.

“If you have experience, it depends on the capacity and ability to pay of the company you apply for. For me personally, after graduating, the starting salary I want is about 7-8 million. “, Hong Nhat said.

The expert countered the

Nguyen Hong Nhat thinks that a salary of 7 million for fresh graduates is appropriate.

Sharing the same thought with Hong Nhat, female student Le Hai Anh (21 years old, a student at the University of Commerce) expressed that a salary of about 7 million is quite suitable for the capacity and qualifications of new graduates. Because, most of the students have just graduated without much experience.

“If it were me, I would try to get a part-time job, cultivate more practical knowledge and hope that the starting salary will be from 7-10 million dong,” Hai Anh confided his desire.

The expert countered the

Hai Anh hopes the starting salary will be from 7-10 million.

Meanwhile, male student Nguyen Anh Duc (22 years old, Military Medical Academy) said that the above story he had read online and found there were many controversies.

“For me, as a medical student, my salary level when I graduate from college can’t even reach 7 million and I still need a practicing certificate. As far as I know, for the medical profession to reach about 7 million. million/month, must have many years of experience.

Some of you think that the salary of 7 million/month is low, it may be because your standard of living is a bit high. Personally, I find such a salary to be relatively good compared to the experience of a recent graduate.

Obviously, the salary depends on my own ability, if I have good qualifications and skills, meeting the requirements of the employer, I will find a suitable job and be paid a decent salary. worth the effort”, Anh Duc expressed his thoughts.

The expert countered the

Mr. Duc thinks that the salary of 7 million/month for fresh graduates is quite good.


Exchange with Reporter Dan Viet From the perspective of both a human resource manager, a human resource recruiter and a communications expert, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Long said that as an employer to say whether to recruit fresh graduates to work or not, he would not. care.

“What interests me and I think all employers are interested in is how far the candidate’s knowledge and experience is. If the employee has just graduated from college but has very solid knowledge and experience. Many times, the word “fresh out of school” doesn’t make any sense because, nowadays, students go to work very early, since they are still in school,” Mr. Long said.

The expert countered the

Expert Nguyen Ngoc Long analyzed the problem.

Talking about the controversial salary, Mr. Long said that the salary will follow the value that the employee contributes to the company.

“Right from the time of recruitment, I had to find the right people, myself, I also met many cases where the human resources side asked me if I was the same designer position outside the market, the salary was 20 million dong, but the Company B only hires with a salary of 10 million, so the question is how to recruit people.But, it must be understood that the story is that the small company can only pay like that, so the story of the recruiters of the companies. That company is looking for employees who accept that salary, not because of the common ground, they have to pay like that”, Mr. Long analyzed.

According to Mr. Long, the salary of new graduates at 7 million to say high or low depends on the capacity of the person being recruited.

In order for both employers and recruiters to feel satisfied and happy when working together, Mr. Long added: “The first thing a job applicant needs to determine is what his/her job goal is, because people go to work to get money, some people go to work to get experience, relationships or to learn… when it’s determined correctly, when the employer sends money, remember the original goal you set.”

What about you, what do you think about the salary of new graduates, please share with us!

The online sharing line of the “shocked” female student when she graduated from school with a salary of 7 million VND/month has the following content:

“Brothers and sisters, is it true that after graduating from school, the salary of 7 million?

I’m in my freshman year, about to enter my 2nd year of college. My academic strength is also average, but I think that after graduation, *** will have a higher salary than other schools. Suddenly, people say that after graduating from school, the salary is only 7-8 million, but I feel so sad, is it worth 4-5 years of college, costing my parents hundreds of millions?! At least, recruiters have to look at the candidate’s profile to see which schools are potential and which schools are not… Just hope that studying *** will have a bright future and watching the brothers and sisters who graduate from school and go to work tell the stories they see. too pessimistic”.

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