Spending 60 million injecting fillers to straighten her legs, the woman suffered serious complications

On the morning of May 6, this woman said that at the beginning of April, not confident because her legs were defective, she went to a spa in Cau Giay district to inject fresh collagen to cushion foot tissue produced in Europe.

However, in fact at that facility, the substance injected into her calves was filler.

In total, she was injected with 3ml into her calves at a cost of 60 million VND. “One day after the injection, I felt pain, my calves were swollen and red, I couldn’t lift my legs normally.” sister told.

Seeing abnormality, she went to the Central Dermatology Hospital for examination. Dr. Vu Thai Ha – Head of the Department of Research and Application of Stem Cell Technology – said that the patient came to the clinic with very clear inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue, swelling and redness along the injection line. The ultrasound image showed that the 2ml injected leg had an abscess along the calf, the other side was injected with 1ml, gradually forming an abscess.

Immediately, the patient was treated with antibiotics, pain relief. After 5 days, the lesions gradually returned to normal, but the patient must continue to be monitored.

Spending 60 million injecting fillers to straighten her legs, the woman suffered serious complications - 1

The patient was re-examined and was injected with anti-HA on the morning of 6/5.

On May 6, the female patient went to the hospital to inject an antidote for HA. The doctor said that if detected and treated late, the abscess on the patient’s calf will spread to other areas, destroying the leg. At least the patient will suffer an incision that leaves a long scar on the leg, causing cosmetic loss.

Not to mention the organization of the abscess destroys the tissue, causing the leg to become convex. If left too late, the risk of sepsis, even death can also occur.

Dr. Ha said that this was the first time he and his colleagues received treatment for the case of filler injections to straighten the legs. “In the literature, we have never seen an indication for direct injection of the leg with filler. This is a rare case.” Dr. Ha emphasized.

According to the expert, basically to straighten the leg is not possible by injection procedure. Usually, if the calves are big, botox can be injected (paralysis) to slim down. If the patient has a bone-related bend in the leg, it cannot be corrected with filler injections.

The male doctor also warned that if injecting fillers at unauthorized establishments, the performer is not technically qualified, first of all, the sterility problem is not guaranteed. In addition, performing injections with a sharp needle risks entering unwanted blood vessels and tissues.

Besides, if the material is not guaranteed, there may be risks of abnormal reactions such as allergies, granulomatous inflammation, poisoning. In addition, improper injection technique will cause the injection volume to move to another very dangerous site.

Recently, after translating Covid-19 under control, the Central Hospital of Dermatology and many large hospitals continuously received cases of complications after filler injection. Most of the patients are performed at unlicensed cosmetic facilities, using floating filler material of unknown origin…

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