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Spoil your wife to the fullest without getting respect

You and I have been in love for six years, married for one year. Both have not had children, have not registered their marriage (due to procedures in the city), and have lost their wedding rings.

I am 30 years old, a boy from the countryside who went to the city to study. She is six years younger than me and lives in the city where I study. During my time living in the city, I did not have a regular job, when I was in need, I borrowed money from friends, and she even abstained from pocket money to support me with food. My health is not good, so I have to take a break from work to receive treatment. When I don’t have a job, I always pick her up from the time she goes to school until she goes to work.

I don’t even have a job when I get married. I plan to finish studying for about three months and then go to work. I complained again that I was tired and quit my job even though I accepted a high-priced house to be near the company (700 m away). I had to postpone my studies and switch to editing, developing fanpage, every day I stay up until five or six in the morning to go to bed, wake up at 12 am to cook and do laundry. She doesn’t have a job yet, but I still don’t let her do the housework. When I eat, I take it out and clean it up again, everything I do. For two months, no one had any income, room and board were mainly borrowed.

>> I disrespect my husband even though he is good

When I got home, I lived, when someone called me down to eat, after I finished eating, I washed the dishes and went up to my room, my clothes were washed and dried, I put them back in. Mother sweeps the house, fruits she buys and then I peel them for her to eat. After eating, you just put the plate on the table, three or four days later, if I don’t clean it, it’s still there. The dustbin in the room was piled up, she didn’t know how to empty it, and the dusty room was never swept, so much so that my mother had to sweep and clean the room. During the meal I cooked rice, she didn’t even know how to compare chopsticks, so she let her mother compare.

I don’t eat well, what’s not right is to just eat soup with fish sauce to finish the meal. At home, there are sweets for Tet, she criticized, told me to go to the supermarket 10 km away to buy snacks. I just said: “Wait until tomorrow all the housewares are gone and then go and buy them, eat that cake for a while”, her face is heavy and light. I asked to go to the city to take a drawing class, once a week. Having just returned to my hometown, I haven’t done anything yet, my income has not been stable, I go up 70 km every week to study and play, then I stay at my wife’s house for a day and then return, I said: “Wait until the conditions are right, now not the time”. I yelled again: “Whenever is always, it’s forbidden to do anything”.

All these things, she told her birth mother, blamed me for not going to the supermarket to buy snacks, not allowing me to take drawing lessons. She also told me to work 24 hours a day, but I still want her to do housework. While I spend two to four hours a day learning to draw, the rest is rolling, sleeping and playing games, when I’m too busy, I can draw five to eight hours. When my mother-in-law saw this, she blamed me for being patriarchal, forbidding, and wanted me to help with housework while not having a job. My wife eats something I should have dinner and go buy it. Housework later, if I earn a lot of money, I can hire a maid, that’s okay. Just because she told her to clean up the dirty dishes or set up her own things, she also told me that I had to take care of the housework. I don’t like to talk much, so when I say something that you don’t understand, I don’t say anything more.

>> My wife doesn’t consider me

I love you, rice brings water, and now I’m home with my parents, I just want my wife to pay attention to make my parents happy. However, she kept getting angry and insulting me, saying that I was a country boy, constantly attacking and blaming me for not being able to help my family and not knowing what to do. At that time, I was so angry that I grabbed her shirt by the shoulder and warned her not to say that, scolding me was fine but not scolding the villagers. You still keep insulting me. I just sat and listened to her insults and then cried, speechless. I’m so helpless, I don’t want to make a big deal. During the lodging period, she also sulks and sulks, throws my blanket out and locks the door, smashes my laptop, throws my phone, and my wedding ring five, six times and now it’s gone.

Currently, I am a designer for a company near my home, have only been working for two weeks and during a probationary period. I want to focus more on work. Last holiday, on the afternoon of the 29th, I said that I would take her to my mother’s house to play and then return two days later, I want to go home a day early to rest. I want to play all the days off. I often lament the miserable fate of women, marrying far away, leaving family and friends, but my husband does not sympathize. What should I do guys?


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