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Suspend teacher from hitting student for yawning

Phu YenThe teacher at Hung Vuong Secondary School, Tuy Hoa City forced the 8th grade male student to lie on the table and beat him six times for yawning during class.

On the morning of May 6, a 12-second video filmed by students went viral on social networks, attracting many people’s attention. In the video, the teacher forced a male student to lie on the table, hit his buttocks with a long ruler and shouted “one whip, two whips… six whips”.

Suspend teacher from hitting student for yawning

Video of a teacher using a ruler to beat a student for yawning.

The incident was determined to take place during the 8th grade Literature class on May 4 at Hung Vuong Secondary School. Ms. Trang, the teacher in the video, has been working at the school since 2020.

Reported to the Board of Directors, Ms. Trang said that, during class, the male student yawned, causing a loud sound. She asked the whole class which child had just yawned, but no one answered and admitted the mistake. Then, the female teacher asked the class staff to criticize the students, and a classmate pointed out that the student was yawning.

“In my anger, because I wanted the students to have better awareness and dare to take responsibility for what they did, I punished them,” the teacher reported.

Currently, Ms. Trang has apologized to students, parents and administrators. Mr. Nguyen Xuan Son – Principal of Hung Vuong Secondary School said that the school had a meeting and temporarily suspended work with this teacher.

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