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The headmaster confessed that the ceiling fan fell and injured the student

The principal of Vinh Quynh Secondary School (Thanh Tri district, Hanoi) has just clearly informed about the cause of the ceiling fan falling in class 6A7 during class time, injuring a student.

Share with VietNamNetMr. Le Thinh, Principal of Vinh Quynh Secondary School, said that on the morning of April 27, in class 6A7, a ceiling fan fell down. The propeller hit the student, causing him to injure his chin.

Immediately after, the school’s medical staff gave first aid to the wound and then took the student to the hospital to examine and treat the wound. By early afternoon of the same day, the students who were examined were stable and went home to rest.

Mr. Thinh said that as soon as the incident happened, the school reported to the district People’s Committee, the district construction investment project management board and the construction contractor.

The contractor then informed and asked the equipment installation unit to come to the hospital to coordinate with the school to take care of the students, and at the same time to send workers to the school to fix the problem.

Immediately after receiving the information, Thanh Tri District People’s Committee asked the school to coordinate with the construction unit to determine the cause of the incident.

According to Mr. Thinh, the cause was determined to be negligence in the installation, not timely detected to lose the locking pin that holds the shock absorber rubber, leading to during the operation of the fan, it vibrates and turns on the latch. to fall.

“Fortunately, there were no serious consequences,” Thinh shared.

Thanh Tri District People’s Committee also requested the District Construction Investment Project Management Board, the supervisory unit, and the construction unit to inspect and review all installed and operated equipment (in which: including a ceiling fan system) at the school so that similar incidents do not occur, in order to ensure the safety of staff, teachers and students.

Mr. Thinh said the construction unit has apologized to the student’s family, the school’s management board, and all the parents and students of the school for this incident. The construction unit also wants to learn from experience and commit not to let similar incidents happen.

“By April 29, the injured student was able to return to school normally, his health and spirit were stable. The student’s family also sympathized and shared about the incident.

On the part of Vinh Quynh Secondary School, we pledge to perform well the functions and duties of the unit in directing and guiding the school’s staff, teachers, staff and students in the work of ensuring safety. school safety and security.

The school also recommends that the District Construction Investment Project Management Board should continue to send staff to regularly check construction items and new equipment put into operation with the school, to ensure that there are no accidents. unsafe incidents for officials, teachers and students” – Mr. Thinh said.

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