The man took the exam 10 times to get into China’s top university

Exam College entrance In China, it is considered the most difficult exam in the world. For candidates with unsatisfactory results, repeating a year is a difficult choice when they have to go through another year of intense study, with great physical and mental challenges.

However, a man named Ngo Thien Lieu stubbornly took the university entrance exam 10 times in 14 years to get a ticket to Tsinghua University – China’s top school.

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Ngo Thien Lieu is famous for his obstinacy and madness for university exams. Photo: Sohu.

Determined to get into Tsinghua

According to Chinanews, Ngo Thien Lieu was born in 1982 in an intellectual family in rural Guangxi province, China. His father was the principal of a school in his hometown. All siblings in the family are teachers.

Since childhood, Ngo Thien Lieu has had good academic records. When he was in high school, he took the lead in mock exams at school many times. Friends and teachers believe that Ngo can enter a top university.

However, at the first university exam, Ngo Thien Lieu did not promote well. He wrongly answered even familiar questions, scoring average.

He decided to study again to enter a prestigious school. On the second exam, Wu got enough marks to enter Beijing Jiaotong University. The school was famous, but he was still not satisfied.

Going to Beijing to study, during a visit to Tsinghua University, Ngo Thien Lieu was overwhelmed by the atmosphere of studying here. From then on, he became more and more certain that he did not want to attend his current school.

After that, Ngo Thien Lieu fell into a state of confusion and depression. He is often late to school, skips class, doesn’t finish his homework, is addicted to video games. His poor academic performance and bad attitude caused him to be suspended from Beijing Jiaotong University.

Due to not having obtained a diploma, Ngo Thien Lieu faced many difficulties in finding a job. To sustain his life, he had to take on a manual labor job in a factory in Beijing.

During his working time, Ngo Thien Lieu noticed that employers often favor students from Tsinghua University. This increased his determination to this school.

In 2007, after nearly 3 years of absence from school, Ngo once again embarked on the path of studying and taking exams. In the first 2 years, his test results were enough for him to enter Beijing Normal University – China’s top teacher training school.

Despite the advice of those around, Ngo Thien Lieu was not satisfied with the results and decided to continue studying.

In the following years, Ngo Thien Lieu successfully received admission notices from prestigious schools such as Ton Yat-sen University, Beijing Forestry University, Nanjing University, and Tongji University, but he refused.

Even, his obsession with Tsinghua University made him give up the opportunity to major in Clinical Medicine at Peking University in 2011. The fact that Ngo Thien Lieu was not “salty” with the school was considered his dream. These millions of Chinese students make many people surprised.

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Graduating from Tsinghua University did not help Ngo Thien Lieu succeed in life as expected. (Photo: Sohu)

Finish the dream

In 2014, after 14 years with 10 times taking the university exam, Ngo Thien Lieu fulfilled his dream of passing the exam to Tsinghua University with the top score in Qinzhou city, Guangxi. At this time, he was 32 years old.

While his peers have had stable jobs and are living in peace, Ngo Thien Lieu is now just starting his freshman journey. He was dubbed the “college maniac” by the online community.

When being interviewed about having to study with students ten years younger than him, Ngo Thien Lieu said that he just wanted to focus on his goal, not letting himself be influenced by the eyes and thoughts of others. others.

In 2018, Ngo Thien Lieu graduated from Tsinghua University with not-so-excellent achievements. His current life is also not as successful as many people imagine.

Because there is no advantage in terms of age, Ngo Thien Lieu has no intention of looking for work at large companies. He chose to stay in Zhengzhou to work as a high school teacher.

As for the story of Ngo Thien Lieu’s university entrance exam, some people think that it is a good example of pursuing dreams. However, many people criticized and criticized his obsession and bigotry.

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