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The terrible mother-in-law of “Love the sunny day”: In real life, it is Mrs. Nga’s teacher who sells vermicelli noodles, suddenly surprised when she heard the story when she went to school.

06/05/2022 07:09 GMT+7

In real life, the actress is a very dedicated teacher to her profession.

“Love the sunny day” is the hottest TV series on VTV at the moment. In the latest broadcast, Mrs. Hien – Khanh’s mother-in-law made the audience “raise” when she blamed her daughter-in-law for her daughter’s debt. Not only that, Mrs. Hien also forced her son and his wife to sell their house to help pay off their daughter’s debt.

Taking on this stoned role is a veteran name of the Vietnamese screen: People’s Artist Lan Huong “Bong”. Currently, she is famous for her profession, but few people know that when she was young, the female artist was almost expelled from school. But thanks to fate, her passion for the profession, she continued to study, and later became a teacher, guiding many generations of art students.

The terrible mother-in-law of

Thuong’s Mrs. Hien on a sunny day.

The past was almost… expelled from school

People’s Artist Lan Huong, whose real name is Nguyen Thi Lan Huong, was born in 1961. The nickname Huong “Bong” comes from her long cotton hair, to distinguish it from actress Lan Huong in the movie “Baby Hanoi”. She studied acting at the Drama Theater. It is known that People’s Artist Lan Huong came to theatrical art when she happened to go to an audition with her friend.

Creepy how! While you failed, she was admitted, but after only studying for half a year, she almost got fired because she couldn’t express herself. However, fate helped her to be kept by her teacher to continue studying. The reason is because the teacher sees the truth in her.

After graduating, she worked at the Hanoi Opera House. Few people know that, in addition to performing, People’s Artist Lan Huong is also a teacher who is respected and loved by many generations of students. She used to lead many generations of students at the School of Theater and Cinema. Not only imparting knowledge, the female artist also conveys her enthusiasm and love to future generations.

The terrible mother-in-law of

In real life, Ms. Hien is… Mrs. Nga’s teacher who sells vermicelli noodles!

An interesting fact that many people do not know. That is in real life, People’s Artist Lan Huong is the teacher of actor Luong Ngoc Dung – who played the role of Mrs. Nga selling vermicelli in her youth in Thuong on a sunny day.

It is known that actor Luong Ngoc Dung used to attend the second class of TV actors VFC (2006). The teachers of the course at that time were People’s Artist Lan Huong, Meritorious Artist Tran Quoc Trong and the late People’s Artist Hoang Dung.

The terrible mother-in-law of

Actress Luong Ngoc Dung (black shirt in the middle). Meritorious Artist Tran Quoc Trong on the left, People’s Artist Lan Huong on the right. People’s Artist Hoang Dung in white shirt, standing in the upper row.

The formidable mother-in-law of

The two girls had the opportunity to act together.

Although they have graduated for many years, teachers and students still keep in touch and attend annual class meetings. On her personal page, Luong Ngoc Dung often shares photos of class meetings and gives sincere thanks to Ms. Lan Huong, Mr. Quoc Trong, and Mr. Hoang Dung for always guiding students from the time they were on the chair. school until graduation.

The terrible mother-in-law of

“Contrary to the character of “Living with mother-in-law”, she is the most exemplary woman I have ever known. She is gentle, gentle but still funny and always soft to teach us – the students. Immature feet wet feet into the profession”, “young lady Nga” commented on her teacher.

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