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The truth about the case that more Russian ships were hit by a Ukrainian missile

Ukrainian officials believe that the Russian frigate Admiral Makarov was hit by a missile and caught fire in the Black Sea, which the Kremlin denies.

The truth is that another Russian warship was hit by a Ukrainian missile - Photo 1

The corvette Admiral Makarov of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy

Russian Navy

According to the magazine Newsweek May 6, Kremlin denies receiving any information regarding Ukraine’s attack on a Russian warship in black Sea.

Much speculation arose on the same day about the fate of the Admiral Makarov corvette, after Ukrainian MP Oleksiy Goncharenko wrote on social network that the ship was hit by a missile and caught fire.

This MP cited unofficial Russian sources as saying that the ship was hit by a Ukrainian Neptune anti-ship missile on the morning of May 6 and suffered heavy damage but still did not sink.

“It is equipped with modern air defense systems and is equipped with or has been equipped with Kalibr cruise missiles. According to preliminary information, the ship was unable to avoid Ukraine’s Neptune anti-ship missile,” the newspaper said Mirror quote what he wrote.

Ukrainian official Anton Gerashchenko also said that the ship Admiral Makarov caught fire near Snake Island and the Russian Air Force is operating near the area, as well as Russian Navy ships from Crimea are coming to support the “sinking ship”.

Page Dumskaya Ukraine’s military reported that Russian forces sent helicopters to rescue sailors on the ship after the ship moved near Snake Island in the Black Sea.

However, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that “we have no such information”.

Commissioned in 2017, the Admiral Makarav is the third, last and most modern ship in the Admiral Grigorovich class, with all three ships in the Black Sea Fleet.

The ship is armed with 24 medium-range Buk surface-to-air missiles and eight Kalibr cruise missiles, all of which use vertical launch tubes. The ship can escort other ships and is also capable of striking land targets. The ship is nearly 125 meters long with a displacement of about 4,000 tons and about 200 sailors.

Previously, the flagship of the Black Sea fleet, Moscow, sank on April 14 while on its way to the port for repair, after an incident a day earlier. The Russian side announced that a fire broke out on the ship, causing an explosion and the ship was sunk due to strong seas.

Meanwhile, Ukraine claims to have launched two anti-ship missiles at the Russian warship, information confirmed by US officials. According to NBC News on May 6, US officials said that the flagship Moscow was hit by two Neptune anti-ship missiles of Ukraine and caused great casualties.

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