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Throwing away all of my wife’s clothes, I got teary eyed when I saw something splattered

06/05/2022 11:25 GMT+7

I picked up the rings, choking because I loved my wife so much.

I have been working away from home for 5 years now. When I left, my daughter was not even 1 year old. Even though I’m away from my wife, I still keep my responsibilities. Every month, I send 2/3 of my salary to my wife, the rest is kept for personal expenses.

For 5 years, I worked and saved, not daring to buy anything for myself. I thought that when I returned home, I would have a new life. Unexpectedly, still the same old house, still everything the same, only the new TV and refrigerator.

I grumpily asked my wife how much money I sent home every month. She explained that she gave most of her money to my parents, only keeping 5 million to take care of her children. I don’t believe it, so I scolded my wife for “eating full and fat”, spending wastefully. My wife cried and carried the child to her grandmother’s house.

I was in a fit of anger, so I pulled out all of my wife’s clothes from the closet and threw them out in the yard. Suddenly something splashed out that made me stop. It’s a small box, containing my wife’s wedding rings and earrings. When I picked it up, I suddenly saw that my wife’s clothes were all old, and the bra was all melted.

I was sitting in awe in front of my wife’s old, outdated clothes when my parents ran over. My grandparents were taking a nap when I heard my husband and I shouting at each other. Seeing the scene in front of me, my mother cried out: “Where is the velvet? You find the velvet to return to her. You have been away for 5 years, it takes care of these two old lives for you. You come back and then you send the baby away. where?”.

I looked at my mother in surprise. Then she told me how much money I sent back to my wife to buy medicine and treat my grandparents. But she didn’t spend a dime on herself.

At this point, I realized that I was confused, too hasty. My parents were sick, my wife didn’t tell me because she was afraid I would worry. She alone takes care of everything. Yet, I was unjustly suspected and chased away.

I sat down in front of my wife’s belongings and the cries and reprimands of my parents. If only I had calmed down, this wouldn’t have happened. Now that I have no money, my wife and children have also left, how can I continue to live?

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