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U23 Vietnam vs U23 Indonesia opens the SEA Games, millions of fans dream of “Winning gold together”

On the evening of May 6, millions of fans across the country turned to Phu Tho to watch the great battle of U23 Vietnam – U23 Indonesia to open the SEA Games, waiting for the “Golden Victory Together” of Mr. Park’s army.

3 years after the two teams met in the 30th SEA Games final, U23 Vietnam and U23 Indonesia continued to compete in the opening series SEA Games 31 (19h, 6/5). This is not only an important warm-up match for both of the strongest rated teams in Group A, but also a necessary test for the ambition to reach the gold medal of both U23 Vietnam and U23 Indonesia.

U23 Vietnam vs U23 Indonesia to open the SEA Games, millions of fans dream of

Compared to 3 years ago, this time the U23 Vietnam and Indonesia U23 squads have had many changes. U23 Vietnam consists of completely new players compared to familiar faces who have been crowned the number 1 playground in Southeast Asia at the age of U23.

And U23 Indonesia brought to Vietnam a powerful squad with many positions that have been “tested” in the national team for many years. In particular, they have matured a lot after the AFF Cup 2021, the tournament in which Indonesia drew the Vietnamese team in the group stage so that the team of ten thousand islands entered the final with Thailand.

In the rematch in Vietnam, both Korean coaches Park Hang Seo (U23 Vietnam) and Shin Tae Yong (U23 Indonesia) have their own calculations and have in common, both are eager to help the home team climb to the top of glory. at SEA Games 31.

Especially with Park Hang Seo, he will leave the U23 team to focus on leading the Vietnamese team after the 31st SEA Games, so this tournament Mr. Park wants to give his best to win the championship with his students. The gold medal is a meaningful gift for millions of Vietnamese fans who have always supported him over the years.

Do Hung Use and others Vietnam U23 player are determined to overcome U23 Indonesia to have a smooth run for the race at SEA Games 31. Millions of passionate fans of Vietnamese football are also anxiously waiting for “G hour” to directly support and stand side by side. with Mr. Park’s army in home matches. Vietnam U23 players, fans across the country are waiting for shining moments on Viet Tri Stadium (Phu Tho) tonight to have a “Golden Victory Together” on the opening day of SEA Games 31 men’s football.

U23 Vietnam vs U23 Indonesia opens the SEA Games, millions of fans dream of

Towards the “Golden Victory Together”, Mr. Park’s boys are confident in the strength of the home team, determined to overcome all difficulties to advance to each match in Group A when the schedule is quite thick with the competition density. a game every two days. They will have the “fire” of thousands of fans present on the field, of millions of fans’ hearts.

With the same desire to win, together to support U23 Vietnam, Saigon Beer brand and fans across the country wish Coach Park Hang Seo’s army to play with “hot heart, cold head” to make great achievements. Impressive moments of “Golden Dragon Warriors”, creating “Golden Victory Together”

Accompanying the U23 team in particular and the Vietnamese sports delegation in general, the Bia Saigon brand is proud to be the diamond sponsor of the 31st SEA Games, an event that demonstrates the belief and support of Bia Saigon in the success of the team. public of the Congress. From many programs to join hands to support and sponsor Vietnamese football, Saigon Beer and millions of fans across the country hope that Vietnam U23 players, as well as other teams of the Vietnamese sports delegation, will overcome everything, strive to fight to the end to reach the top, conquer the gold medal at SEA Games 31 at home.

Mr. Tran Duc Phan, Deputy Director General in charge of the General Department of Sports and Sports, Head of the Vietnam Sports Delegation at the 31st SEA Games, emphasized: “We appreciate the sponsorship of Bia Saigon with the Vietnamese sports delegation. During the SEA Games, especially the 31st SEA Games. With the sponsorship of Bia Saigon, Vietnamese sports athletes have more encouragement to be determined to achieve high achievements and integrate with regional sports. “.

With more than 145 years of beer production history, Saigon Beer – Alcohol – Beverage Corporation (“SABECO”) has established itself as one of the leading companies in Vietnam, proud to offer a portfolio of The brand includes some of the most loved beer brands in Vietnam. With a commitment to invest in business development in parallel with sustainable development, SABECO always strives to create positive changes to enhance the position of the Vietnamese brand, and at the same time promote positive development for the community. and Vietnam.

Beer Saigon brand is proud to be the diamond sponsor of the 31st Southeast Asian Games 2021 in Vietnam. As a Diamond Sponsor, Bia Saigon will accompany and support the Vietnamese sports delegation at the event and other series of activities within the framework of the program. This also shows Bia Saigon’s commitment to the SEA Games when Bia Saigon is the official sponsor for the Vietnamese sports delegation at the 30th SEA Games held in the Philippines.

In addition to being a sponsor, Bia Saigon has also given cash prizes to athletes who won Gold medals both in individual and team competitions as a high recognition for those who have contributed to bringing joy to the athletes. proud of the country.

Besides sponsoring SEA Game 31, Bia Saigon is currently the exclusive sponsor in the beer industry of Vietnam’s national football teams, including the national men’s football team, the national women’s soccer team. and the U22/23/Olympic men’s football team), in domestic and international competitions in the period from 6/2021 to 6/2022.

According to DA (summary) (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)

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