“Vietnam U23 is too strong, making U23 Indonesia bad start at SEA Games”

U23 Indonesia expected to get in the way U23 Vietnam in the opening match SEA Games 31. However, the Van Dao team was bitterly defeated with a score of 0-3 in a match that was inferior to U23 Vietnam in all aspects.

The Indonesian version of Goal made comments on the performance of U23 Indonesia: “U23 Vietnam has shown a great advantage to subdue U23 Indonesia. During the whole match, U23 Vietnam showed extremely strong play, while U23 Indonesia could not fight back.

Coach Shin Tae-yong wants U23 Indonesia to play offensively before U23 Vietnam. However, that tactic collapsed when U23 Vietnam was the team that took the initiative.

U23 Indonesia constantly faces great pressure from the opponent. Meanwhile, the ups and downs of coach Shin Tae-yong’s students were broken too easily by Vietnam U23.

Three goals conceded before U23 Vietnam caused U23 Indonesia to have a bad start at SEA Games 31″.

Indo newspaper: U23 Vietnam is too strong, making U23 Indonesia bad start at SEA Games - Photo 1.

U23 Vietnam showed outstanding level in the opening match of SEA Games 31.

Looking at the Bola, they could not hide their disappointment: “U23 Indonesia was completely helpless, being crushed by U23 Vietnam right in the opening match of the 31st SEA Games.

In the first half, the excellence of goalkeeper Adi Satryo helped Indonesia U23 escape the goal. But in the second half, U23 Indonesia could not resist the pressing situations of the opponent.

After the opening goal of U23 Vietnam, coach Shin Tae-yong launched a series of attacking players into the field. However, they do not bring the necessary danger.

Looking at Vietnam U23, they still coordinated very well and scored 2 more goals.”

Despite a strong 3-0 win against U23 Indonesia, U23 Vietnam still ranked second in Group A. The reason was because the students of Coach Park Hang-seo lost to U23 Philippines on goal difference.

U23 Vietnam 3-0 U23 Indonesia | SEA Games men’s football 31

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