Vietnam women’s futsal team actively prepares

As planned on the morning of May 6, the Vietnamese women’s futsal team will have a practice session at the Ha Nam province’s gymnasium – the venue for the 31st SEA Games futsal event. However, to ensure the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic, 19, BTC decided to spray disinfectant. Also to ensure the health of the players, even after arriving here, the Vietnam women’s futsal team decided to change the training location to Bao Long gymnasium, which has good conditions on the field and good lighting. .

At this time, the Vietnamese women’s futsal team practices once a day. The training sessions also only perfected the tactics, pieces, and shots that had been honed a long time ago. In this training session, coach Truong Quoc Tuan mainly asked the students to perform goal-finishing exercises. At the end of the training session, the team divided the squad into two for internal competition.

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Evaluating 4 matches during the recent training trip to Bahrain, coach Truong Quoc Tuan said: “For a long time, the Vietnamese women’s futsal team has not competed internationally. Through those 4 matches, BHL achieved the following goals. It helps the players to be more confident in the international competition. The team’s tactical operation has also achieved 90-95%. The team also has some small flaws, but over the course of each game, it has improved. The international matches also help the players understand more deeply the tactical intentions of the BHL. In general, the team has equipped the players with tactical and psychological elements.

According to the captain of the Vietnamese women’s futsal team, Indonesia’s withdrawal from the competition gave his teachers and students more time to prepare. “When I heard that Indonesia was not playing and the match schedule was adjusted, the BHL also adjusted the professional preparation process. Indonesia’s withdrawal gave the Vietnamese women’s futsal team more days to prepare for the match. First, BHL took advantage of that time to have a better debut,” said Mr. Tuan.

In the next 2 days, Vietnam futsal team will have 2 friendly matches against Thai Son Bac’s youth futsal team and Ha Nam women’s club. Coach Truong Quoc Tuan said that 2 are 2 matches for the players to get used to the playing conditions in Ha Nam. “These two matches will take place at the official stadium, so it’s an opportunity for the players to get used to the field and weather. This is also an opportunity for the BHL to edit a few more details on tactics and tactics. weaknesses of the team”, the former captain of the Vietnam men’s futsal team expressed.

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