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Waiting for the grand start of U.23 Vietnam

U.23 Vietnam aims to win against Indonesia to have a good start for the journey to successfully defend the championship Soccer men’s SEA Games.

Waiting for the grand start of U.23 Vietnam - photo 1

Vietnam won the gold medal in the history of men’s football in SEA Games 30 with a favorable start when winning Brunei 6-0.

LIVE SEA Games 31 Taking place at home, coach Park Hang-seo’s army begins their journey to conquer the throne with a match against Indonesia tonight.

Waiting for the grand start of U.23 Vietnam - photo 2

Tien Linh has many opportunities to start the match against Indonesia

Minh Hoang

Coach Park Hang-seo always believes that the first victories will create favorable conditions for the whole tournament.

Therefore, before the Indonesian opponent was “quite bone” by the guidance of his compatriot Shin Tae-yong, but coach Park Hang-seo was determined to win to have a good start.

Coach Park confirmed that the 31st SEA Games was the last tournament he was attached to U.23 Vietnam

To win, most likely the human coach Korea will use their best cards on the first match. The trio of players over 23 years old, Tien Linh, Hung Dung and Hoang Duc will be used.

Besides the ace of the cards like goalkeeper Van Toan, defenders Viet Anh, Thanh Binh, Van Do also have the opportunity to kick alongside people of the same age as Van Tung, Van Xuan…

Waiting for the grand start of U.23 Vietnam - photo 3

Hoang Duc – the leader in the middle of the field of U.23 Vietnam

Minh Hoang

Indonesia was defeated by Vietnam in the final of SEA Games 30, so they are more determined for the revenge match in this tournament, so this is not an easy match for the home team.

Therefore, in order to aim for a grand victory to create a new atmosphere, the Vietnamese team must put all their efforts into playing cohesively as well as make good use of the opportunities it has.

U.23 Vietnam’s optimal lineup at SEA Games 31, Hoang Duc surprised
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