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What should be kept in mind before having sex?

You may think that love is a matter of two people, as long as we know each other, agree and agree, everything is reasonable and legal. But I think that’s stupid.

Love will no longer be a fun thing, if the two of you have not memorized 3 simple but extremely important truths that we mention in this article.

Do not memorize these 3 things before

1. The age allowed to have sex under the current law is 16 years or older

Do not rush to shake your head bored or think that this is meaningless information, bored and do not want to pin it to memory. Because if “ignorant” does not care, having sex with a person under the age of 16 will cause you to be punished by the law.

The sentence for having sex with a person under the age of 16 can be from 1-15 years in prison, or even a death sentence. Depending on the situation, the age and the extent of damage to the health and mental health of the insider, the judgment given by the law will be different. But certainly there is never a leniency law for those who have sex with children under 16 years old.

Do not memorize these 3 things before

Vietnamese law prioritizes the protection of children under the age of 16 because this is the age when they do not have enough awareness of psycho-physiological factors to take responsibility for their own actions and decisions.

That’s why, even if a person under the age of 16 agrees to participate in “adult affairs” with you, you still run the risk of criminal prosecution if you let “sex” happen.

2. Condoms can’t protect you from all STIs

While using a condom is the safest way to protect yourself from unwanted risks (like pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections), don’t forget that every method carries risks.

And you probably didn’t know: Some STIs live on the skin around the penis, vagina, or anus. You can get STIs if your skin comes into contact with an infected person’s skin even if you don’t have sex with that person.

In general, STIs are transmitted not only through sexual contact but also through the mouth and skin surface.

Do not memorize these 3 things before

Therefore, in addition to maintaining a one-to-one relationship, always using condoms, don’t forget to go for a reproductive health checkup every 6 months to make sure you’re always in a healthy state, or detect early. And treat the disease if you are unlucky enough to be infected!

3. Consensus is a factor that cannot be ignored

Even if you’re both over 16 (the legal age to have sex), don’t forget to ask your partner if they’re ready for sex.

Don’t assume that you’re already lovers, so you can do whatever you want. This thinking may not make you legally responsible, but it will certainly make you a person of lack of sophistication.

Do not memorize these 3 things before

A healthy emotional relationship will definitely need more than these 3 “lessons” to survive and thrive. But advanced knowledge always starts with basic lessons like this. Couples don’t forget!

Do not memorize these 3 things before

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