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When the fake scholar speaks out

Part 1: Typical cases of corruption and plunder
Part 2: The story of kings against corruption
Part 3: Kings to prevent corruption: Rule to deter and warn

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Chu Van An (1292 – 1370) was a sage of Confucianism, an example of frugality, who did not care about fame and gain all his life. He made great contributions to the propagation and education of Confucian thought.

Realizing Chu Van An’s talent and virtue, King Tran Minh Tong (1300 – 1357) invited him to become a Private School of Quoc Tu Giam to teach the crown prince. In the reign of King Tran Du Tong, the world changed, the king and mandarins were corrupt, corrupt and corrupt, so the people were more destitute. Feeling sorry for the fate of his country, Chu Van An repeatedly intervened, but the king did not listen. At the peak, he offered to ask the king to cut 7 courtiers but failed. He admonished about teaching, writing books until his death.

This is a very important historical journal, Dr. Le Tung under the reign of King Le Thanh Tong and Le Tuong Duc, the author of Dai Viet Thong Giam, wrote that:Losing the righteous means moving ghosts and gods”. Famous poet Nguyen Van Ly (twentieth century) had a poem:

Loss of loss of no-nonsense nationalism

She is still far away from herself

(Meaning: The death penalty was not executed, the whole country discussed. Even though the cloud is far away, it still has a spirit in its heart)

5 risks of dehydration

Coming from the academic line, Le Quy Don (1726-1784) had erudite knowledge in many fields such as: History, geography, astronomy, numerology, science, scriptures and poetry… Van Dai type language His work is considered the most perfect encyclopedia of the Le Trung Hung period. In the context of King Le – Trinh in Tonkin, Lord Nguyen in Cochinchina made Le Quy Don’s label aware of the recurring danger of history that every time the South was troubled and weakened, the North would look at it. invade.

Corruption under the reigns of kings: When the false scholar speaks out - 1

Painting of Le Quy Don. (Photo: National Museum of History)

Therefore, he advised the court to 5 risks of losing the country, including: One is a scholar who pretends to look away from the times; Second, corruption is rampant; The third is the arrogant army, the degenerate general; Four are students who do not respect their teachers and 5 are children who despise the elderly. Le Quy Don is a master of physics, knowing that heaven and earth will be empty and then full, full and empty again, but according to him, “you must use human resources to know your life”.

“Strapping people, I’m fat, people are angry”

Dang Huy Tru (1825-1874) is famous for his intelligence and understanding since childhood. After becoming a mandarin, Dang Huy Tru held the following positions: Chief Justice of Ty Bo in Thanh Hoa, Tri of Quang Xuong district, Tri of Thien Truong (Nam Dinh). Some time later, he was summoned back to the capital to work as the Academy of Writing and then Ngu Su. He was the first person to bring photography to Vietnam when he opened a photo shop on Thanh Ha Street (Hanoi) in 1868.

Corruption under the reigns of kings: When the false scholar speaks out - 2

Portrait of Emperor Dang Huy Tru. (Photo: Internet)

He was a mandarin of the court, but he was also a poet and especially a book series From the weak rule specializing in anti-bribery and corruption. From the weak rule that is, the main principle of refusing and being able to accept gifts that the person in authority needs to always be discerning in order to keep himself.

At the beginning of the book, he writes: “Of the three commandments of the mandarins, the first is Thanh. Thanh is the integrity of keeping oneself, not taking anything from anyone. However, after nearly 20 years of rolling around in the official place, when writing Tu Thu Thieu Quy, Dang Huy Tru had a really sympathetic look at the awkward situations of the mandarin: “Before I was not a mandarin, now I am a mandarin, now I have a low position, now I have a high position, when the death anniversary is slow, the pig’s shoulder is not full of the tray, where can it be? When there are people, there are communes, if you want to ride a broken car, where can you ride a skinny horse? … “.

He affirmed that it is impossible to take from the country, much less use violence and tricks to take from subordinates and the people. He said that with the wealth brought, the mind that behaves. He pulled out 104 types of official bribes that the Chinese word for “mourning”. Although he is a court official, from deeds to words are consistent with the mind and virtue of the wise. He believes that the duty of the mandarin is first and foremost for the people: “If the people don’t take care of them, don’t act as officials” and “For the people, the jade pedestal clears the shield…”. Not only that, he also said that:

“I’m real, people benefit, people stick together

Damn people, I’m fat, people hate me

Hate, stick with me…”.

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