4 times Van Dung plays the role of a mother and has an unexpected common ground

In four years, actress Van Dung four times appeared on VTV’s films as a mother. Behind Diem’s ​​role Hate but love and Love it, hate it, The actress continues to take on the role of an unpleasant mother in Sunflower against the sunfollowed by 11 May Days and the latest is Ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-lover.

The special feature of these roles is that Van Dung’s mothers both have daughters, and both are single mothers raising their children as adults.

Mrs. Diem – If you hate it, you will love it / If you love it, you will hate it

4 times Van Dung plays the role of a mother and has an unexpected common ground - 1

Diem’s ​​character is colorful and dynamic in “Hate it, love it”.

In 2018, Van Dung appeared in two parts of the film Hate but love as Mrs. Diem – Kim’s mother (Banh Lee). After nearly 20 years of absence, Van Dung has just returned to TV series. The role of Diem that she takes on is a mercurial person who loves beauty and is passionate about social networking. Van Dung’s character is a woman in her 50s but still young and “smiling”. Therefore, the famous female comedian had the opportunity to dance to the fullest extent on the small screen with the role of Mrs. Diem.

Van Dung also revealed that Diem is a character whose personality is similar to her real-life personality, with a bit of momentum and mercuriality, but not too harsh and sour. In particular, even though she struggled to raise her child alone, Mrs. Diem did not let her daughter lack anything.

In part 2, Diem became a couple with Mr. Quang (Reputed Artist Chi Trung), while her ex-husband (Remarkable Artist Quang Thang) also suddenly returned. A woman and two middle-aged men find themselves in a situation of crying and laughing.

Van Dung’s role brought many new colors and humorous segments throughout both films. After Hate but love“Medical Apple” is also more diligent in accepting roles in dramas.

Diem Loan – Sunflower against the sun

The role of Diem Loan in Sunflower against the sun Van Dung’s is as noticeable as the main characters. In the film, the actress has many acting scenes “on the field” that make the audience pay special attention to the character Diem Loan.

4 times Van Dung plays a mother and has an unexpected common ground - 2

The emotional scene when Diem Loan knew that her two children did not have the same father.

Diem Loan was built as a money-hungry, impulsive and mercurial woman. Diem Loan is the third person to interfere in the marriage of Mr. Dat (People’s Artist Manh Cuong) and Mrs. Cuc (People’s Artist Thu Ha). At the age of 50, Diem Loan is still light-hearted, many times being exploited by young love.

Many people believe that Diem Loan’s promiscuity is the source of resentment and hatred between the characters in the film. In particular, tragedy came to this woman when Diem Loan knew that her twin children did not have the same father. At the end of the film, the third person also has to pay for his mistakes.

However, Diem Loan is a “small tam” that is both pitiful and angry. This character has moments of mercurial, innocent, very humorous, making moviegoers unable to hold back their laughter.

Mrs. Van – 11 months 5 days

Van Dung once admitted that she was quite confused when she accepted the role of the landlady Van in 11 May Days, simply because she rarely plays a good person. Different from the acrimonious, fierce or greedy roles of the past, Van Dung in 11 May Days Play the role of a cute, friendly innkeeper. The kindness of the hostess Van makes many people say that they wish to live in such an inn in real life.

4 times Van Dung plays a mother and has an unexpected common ground - 3

Mrs. Van is a single mother, diligently raising her only daughter, Thuc Anh (Luong Thanh). She is always tolerant of my children’s foolish mistakes. One of the most emotional scenes in the film is the scene where Mrs. Van and her daughter sit and talk to each other in the room when Thuc Anh (Luong Thanh) is pregnant. After that, the scene of Mrs. Van’s stomach cramps when her daughter canceled the wedding herself also brought tears to the viewers’ eyes.

11 May Days The story revolves around the story of young people’s love and career, but middle-aged characters like Mrs. Van (Van Dung) or Mr. Tien ( Meritorious Artist Quang Thang) also adorn the film with warm, humorous colors. and closer.

Mrs. Thanh – Ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-lover

After 11 May Days, Artist Van Dung takes time to rest before putting all her energy into “Meet at the end of the year”. Most recently, the actress received the role of Thanh in Ex-husband ex-wife ex-lover – also a single mother with a beautiful daughter.

Mrs. Thanh is the mother of Cam Giang (La Thanh Huyen). Ms. Thanh, who was impulsive and impulsive, became the center of many troubles when she appeared. Thanh’s carefreeness also leads to wacky but equally humorous situations in the film.

4 times Van Dung plays a mother and has an unexpected common ground - 4

Van Dung plays Viet Anh’s mother-in-law in the new movie.

In episode 4, Cam Giang’s mother suddenly went to the house to live with her daughter. Her sudden appearance in Mai Anh’s room – the stepdaughter of Cam Giang’s husband made her scream out in fear. Discovering that Mai Anh is somewhat selfish and stubborn, Ms. Thanh has many “tricks” to treat this mischievous girl. The confrontation of two uninvited guests, Mrs. Thanh and Mai Anh, made Cam Giang’s home become chaotic.

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