5 steps to ‘detox the soul’ to help you live a long and happy life

There is a story about a poor man living in a ruined house after a storm. One day, a visitor came to visit. Strangely, what this guest saw on the table of that cramped, damp temporary house was not staple food, a few pieces of bread, but… fresh flowers. Based on that, the visitor believes that this man can rebuild his country from the ruins of war. Because in the difficult times that have come, they still do not forget to water the land of their souls, still knowing that while they are alive, they still have days to love.

In the midst of the complexities of daily life, knowing that there are people out there who are still struggling with the worry of “rice and money”, there are people out there who are constantly losing sleep because of unexpected obsessions in the past, There are people out there crying in the rain to cover up the tears rolling down their cheeks or even, there are people out there who are crying without words, leaving the hurt feelings forever like splinter in the heart.

The people out there – they are you, and me, and all of us. Although we didn’t make an appointment, but we met at a place where we didn’t know when, we let our hearts be barren, calloused, hurt by worries, sorrows, and negative thoughts… for a long time. .

What you need to do now is find your heart an effective way to heal. Sit back and “sip” a few words, I will show you some clever ways to “detox” your soul.

1. Practice letting go

The saddest thing in life is that it’s easy to give up the things that shouldn’t be given up. Firmly insist on things that should not be fixed.

The more you accept it, the more your heart hurts. Many desires, great ambitions, high dreams but have not been realized. Day broke her heart and tried to hold on to the person she loved, .. is there anyone who has never experienced those feelings?

But, today you try to let go all through meditation, by pretending to let go until it is completely real. Let go of the things that hurt your soul to relax a little more, be a little more comfortable and let your peace of mind arise every new day.

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2. Practice forgetting the past

There are many kinds of memories in life. There are things when people think about it, they laugh carefree, but there are also things that bring tears to their eyes when they think about it.

According to research by psychologists, the human brain often has a negative bias (bias) when it can remember hurt better than positive experiences, remember insults better than negative ones. praise.

However, that is no reason for us to continue to hold onto a string of painful memories. They can only exist when we allow them to exist. Get them out of your mind by going where you want to go, changing your mind to positive or even writing them down on a piece of paper and burning them. The persistence, clinging of heartbreaks cannot be erased on day one or two, but can disappear when you sincerely wish them to go away!

3. Stop loading negative emotions

The main reason why we are prone to stress today stems from the “information pollution” in both real life and cyberspace. People tend to look too much into other people’s lives and then impose on themselves and feel depressed when they are inferior.

In order to cure the disease, the root must be eradicated. There will be times when you feel afraid of the phone ringing when they signal a certain task. But the heart is not stable, even small things will not be done. So, spending more time exercising, going out for a walk, .. doing everything to stay away from electronic devices will make your mental health significantly improve.

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4. Find your soul a place to live

There is a concept of happiness that: one is to sleep in one’s own bed, two is to eat food cooked by parents, three is to talk with the person you love anytime, anywhere.

Or for someone, being relaxed is sometimes simply being immersed in the ideal melody of the music you love.

It’s sunny and rainy outside, there are quiet days but there are also stormy days. Hopefully, when those unwanted days come, your soul still has room to go home, to rely on to feel comfortable, to continue in peace.

5. Make a positive connection

In the book Who covers your backKeith Ferrazzi posits that the path to success in work and life is to create a circle of “lifesaving relationships”.

The people around you all contribute significantly to shaping your ideals and emotions. There will be people who are willing to uproot your heartache with you when you share it, there are people whose mission is to give you more joy to believe in this life. If you want your soul to be happy, don’t forget to make friends and sincerely confide, honestly maintain good relationships around.

With the above methods of refreshing, mentally happy, hope that you can “detox” your soul, hope you can start a new day with a smile and end it with words of gratitude. Thank you, thank you for being alive, because there is still time to do what you love, to receive and spread thousands of words of love.


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