About 50 guests attended Ngo Thanh Van’s wedding ceremony

The wedding of Ngo Thanh Van and Huy Tran on May 8 will take place privately with about 50 guests, including singers Jun Pham, Isaac, supermodel Xuan Lan, makeup artist Nam Trung, photographer. Jundat… Wedding security is strictly guarded.

A day before the wedding ceremony, Ngo Thanh Van released a video recording the wedding photo shoot, at the film set in Binh Duong.

The actress wrote: “The journey is endless, but as long as you keep walking forward, someone will surely be waiting at the end of the road. Thank you for the happy moments of the present that we have together. Mark today to start a new journey“.

On the morning of May 7, Jun Pham, Will and some friends of Ngo Thanh Van were present in Da Nang. A close friend of the lady revealed to Zing The number of guests at the wedding party was only about 50 people, less than 10 artists. This is a modest number compared to Ngo Thanh Van’s relationship inside and outside the world.

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Jun Pham and Will went to Da Nang from the morning of May 7.

Explaining this, Ngo Thanh Van’s representative replied Zing:”Ms. Van wants to hold the most private and warm wedding with close family members and longtime friends. She is also quite private and wants to keep everything on her big day private. according to your wishes“.

Previously, the actress apologized to her friends when she could not send invitations widely. “The two of them are deeply sorry that they couldn’t send invitations to everyone to join in the fun. But we believe that the whole family will understand, love and respect the decision of Van and Huy“, she wrote.

The wedding of Ngo Thanh Van and Huy Tran was conducted on the morning of May 8, the wedding reception took place in the afternoon of the same day. Jun Pham shared that he was one of the groomsmen at the wedding.

Ngo Thanh Van, Huy Tran and their families were present in Da Nang. On his personal page, Huy Tran shared a picture of him and the bride busy preparing gifts for guests.

About 50 guests attended the wedding ceremony Ngo Thanh Van - 2

Photos in the wedding photography session of Ngo Thanh Van and Huy Tran.

Ngo Thanh Van said she and Huy Tran first met at the movie casting Wolf Bar. Among many boys, she was most impressed with Huy because she saw his trembling.

After their first conversation, they realized what they had in common, attracted each other, and quickly bonded. The actress shared about life with Huy Tran: “Our day begins with a cup of coffee and then breakfast. Everything is done by Huy. Every day, we share stories with each other, Let’s take Yoda (the dog) for a walk.”

The actress and film producer said that the most attractive thing about her fiancé is his love of pets and things.

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