American Airlines plane “lost part of its wing” in mid-air

According to a report to the US Civil Aviation Administration (FAA), the right winglet of American Airlines (AA) flight 3729 broke and fell from the plane at an altitude of 36,000. feet (10.97 km) near Birmingham, Alabama due to “moderate to severe” disturbances.

This flight flew from Charleston International Airport (South Carolina) to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (Texas). After the incident, an emergency text message was sent to Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport saying the plane had “partially lost its wing”.

Flight AA3729 then had to land at Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport about an hour after takeoff; No one was injured or seriously endangered during the flight. All passengers were then transferred to another plane bound for Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, while the plane in question was inspected by a team of technicians.

One passenger on the flight, Brandon Owen, shared a photo of the missing wingtip on Twitter, saying the plane “still flew and landed surprisingly smoothly”.

According to Tung Phong

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