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Benefits of going out at the last minute

You can save money and time when you don’t have to wait, have a sudden feeling of excitement…

Kaley Ann, a travel tips blogger, lists four benefits of making a last-minute travel decision. However, these are not always favorable, sometimes you need a little luck.

Deciding to travel immediately saves you the cost of losing your deposit, or canceling your flight ticket due to an unexpected event.  Photo: Liberty Travel

Deciding to travel immediately saves you the cost of losing your deposit, or canceling your flight ticket due to an unexpected event. Image: Liberty Travel

Save money

Many people, after booking tickets, hotel rooms, tours … have unexpected problems close to the date of departure, and have to leave the trip unfinished. To avoid waste, they will resell for cheaper, sometimes two thirds or half. If you can buy these combos, you will save quite a bit, especially during peak holidays.

Many properties offer last-minute discounts on rooms. For example, 14:00 is the check-in time, so around 12:00-13:00 they will launch cheap rooms because some previous bookings were canceled at the last minute. And of course, the price will be cheaper. Booking and buying tickets close to the date also helps to avoid unexpected busy schedule cancellations. That way, you won’t have to face the situation of losing your deposit or ticket. However, this takes luck, as this trick is not always successful.

Create a feeling of excitement, excitement

Many people share with Kaley that the last-minute decision to go somewhere is exciting, stimulating, or compelling. The female travel blogger herself agrees: “It’s spontaneity. It gives you the feeling that you’re young, a little impulsive, carefree and free. Sometimes, that’s not the case at all.”

If you usually plan things in advance, try going on a spontaneous trip once. Guaranteed, you’ll have new sensations: suspenseful but full of excitement, suggests Kaley.

No need to wait

People often get excited before the trip time. The further you book your ticket from the departure date, the longer the waiting time. Many people say that this buffer time makes them very impatient, sometimes unable to focus on work because they are busy thinking about going out. Booking flight tickets and going always makes you shorten the wait and enjoy the trip.

Save time

Many people like to plan trips, places to visit, schedule fun activities… But then, they get confused because they have too many ideas. “For me, it’s always perfect to pack a suitcase and go. It saves me a lot of time in planning. Many people spend weeks just looking for a hotel to stay, and in the end they still can’t choose where to stay. come on,” Kaley said.

Everything is so fresh

Because there is no preparation time to go, everything about the trip is still new to you, and your mind will be eager to discover the destination you are going to. “This is one of the reasons, I always like to travel last minute,” says Kaley.

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