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Boldly won U23 Indonesia, U23 Vietnam was praised by Southeast Asian fans

On the evening of May 6, U23 Vietnam had a confrontation with U23 Indonesia in the opening match of Group A SEA Games 31.

As a result, the red shirt team won with a score of 3-0 thanks to the goals of Tien Linh, Hung Dung and Van Do.

Boldly won U23 Indonesia, U23 Vietnam was praised by Southeast Asian fans - 1

Hung Dung celebrates his goal against Indonesia U23. Photo VNN

Immediately after the match, the ASEAN FOOFBALL page had an article congratulating the victory of coach Park Hang-seo and his team and below were many happy comments from the Southeast Asian audience.

Facebook account named Riber Acuna wrote: “Congratulations Vietnam. You guys had a good game. If Vietnam is lucky, they can score more goals.

Another person said that, although the team of thousands of islands played badly, the red shirt players still played quite calmly and this is the bravery of a champion.

“U23 Indonesia plays very badly, they are not kicking football but kicking people. The players of U23 Vietnam played quite calmly, this is the bravery of a champion.

Send congratulations to the red shirt warriors. Let’s work harder in the next matches,” commented Ha Duong account.

After witnessing the impressive performance of “golden star warriors” on Viet Tri and Phu Tho stadiums, a Thai fan confirmed that he had found the first team to enter the final.

“U23 Vietnam will be the first team to reach the final. Hope Thailand U23 will play well in the next match. Congratulations to Coach Park Hang-seo’s army on the victory,” the Thai fan shared.

Win boldly U23 Indonesia, U23 Vietnam were praised by Southeast Asian fans - 3

Southeast Asian fans congratulate the victory of U23 Vietnam

Even after a strong 3-0 victory over the team that is considered a direct opponent in Group A, Hung Dung and his teammates also received praises from the fans of the land of thousands of islands.

Flora account commented: “Our team couldn’t get to the ball, U23 Vietnam played better. Congratulations Vietnam on getting 3 points. U23 Indonesia, let’s fight.”

Meanwhile, a Vietnamese audience member wittily commented: “The Covid-19 epidemic is almost over, we should think of a way to celebrate the SEA Games championship.”

With a 3-0 victory over Indonesia, U23 Vietnam has risen to second place in Group A after U23 Philippines, the team that crushed East Timor U23 with a score of 4-0.

According to the schedule, at 7 pm on May 8, the teachers and coaches of Park Hang-seo will face U23 Philippines. Meanwhile, U23 Indonesia faced U23 East Timor at 4 pm on the same day.

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