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Cars made in Europe will be equipped with a black box from July 2022

Illustration. Photo: Euro News.

This regulation was passed in the European Parliament in 2019 with the aim of improving road safety across the whole of Europe. These new road rules only apply to new vehicles manufactured from July 2022 – older vehicles will not have to have a black box installed.

This new car black box is packed with all the safety applications: recording all driving data from speed and acceleration, use of seat belts and brakes. It also includes advanced systems to assist drivers in following speed limits. Furthermore, the device has an option to install a type of device that will not allow the vehicle to start if the driver does not pass an alcohol test (referred to as an interlock device/IID).

Just like on an airplane, the device will come with an in-car data logger for incidents, with the difference that it won’t record any conversations inside the vehicle.

It will be easier for professionals to access driver data, as it helps determine liability in the event of a serious accident, by simply providing information about the first 30 seconds in advance. and 10 seconds after the collision.

Benoît Godart, spokesman for the Belgian Institute for Road Safety (VIAS), said: “This new regulation will be very useful as it helps to investigate the causes and determine the responsibility of the parties involved in accidents. There are only 7,000 to 8,000 serious crashes out of 45,000 that cause injury to road users in Belgium.”

Some associations car manufacturing in Europe were not satisfied with the decision, seeing it as “an additional cost for their new products”.

Regulations on equipping cars with black boxes will be extended to personal cars and other used commercial vehicles starting in 2024.

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