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Clip of a female student hitting her friend in front of a teacher in Dak Lak

This afternoon (May 6), on social networks spread a clip recording a scene of a female student using a helmet to beat a male friend in class and in front of the teacher.

The images in the clip show this female student using a helmet to repeatedly hit the male friend’s head at the table. Meanwhile, the male student only used his hand to hold his head. Then, another male student intervened and pushed the female student to beat him.

During the incident, a teacher was sitting on the podium but there was no intervention.

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Image cut from clip

The incident is said to have happened at Cao Ba Quat High School (Buon Ma Thuot City, Dak Lak Province).

Talking to VietNamNet, Mr. Nguyen Huu Lam, Vice Principal of Cao Ba Quat High School confirmed that the incident happened last Friday (April 29), in class 10A8 of the school.

The teacher appearing in the clip is Mr. VQK (also the classroom teacher). The person who beat you was a BQA student, the student who was beaten was a LTT student. The cause of the incident was the conflict in marking the emulation of T. against A. (T. was the team leader).

“In the immediate future, the school will let the classroom teacher and the student consider the proposed disciplinary level. After that, the school will meet the school’s Disciplinary Council to decide on the appropriate form of handling for the student and confirm determine the responsibility of teachers present in class during that lesson. It is expected that the council will meet tomorrow (May 7)” – Mr. Nguyen Huu Lam said.

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