Coordinating management and tracking of subjects subject to mandatory medical treatment on the run

The signing ceremony of the cooperation plan between the Department of Supervision of custody, temporary detention and criminal judgment execution (Case 8 of the Supreme People’s Procuracy) and the Department of Medical Examination and Treatment Management (under the Ministry of Health) took place in the afternoon. 6/5.

The signing between the two agencies aims to improve work efficiency and closely coordinate between the units in the management and treatment of subjects subject to compulsory medical treatment to ensure compliance with regulations. under the law.

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Director of Department of Medical Examination and Treatment Luong Ngoc Khue and Director of Department 8 Luong Minh Thong handed over the signing of the cooperation plan. (Photo: Le Hao)

According to the plan, the two sides will coordinate in receiving and processing information; remove difficulties, obstacles and inadequacies in the practice of implementing the judicial measure of compulsory medical treatment; survey to grasp the situation of compliance with regulations in the management of subjects with compulsory medical treatment.

The two sides will also coordinate in consulting, researching and proposing amendments to guiding documents that are contradictory, overlapping or not practical, such as Decree No. 64/2011/ND-CP dated July 28, 2011 of the Government. Government on enforcement of judicial measures for compulsory medical treatment.

It is expected that in the third quarter of 2022, the parties will coordinate to survey and evaluate the observance of the law and the Ministry of Health at a number of medical facilities that are treating subjects subject to compulsory treatment other than mental illness. God.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Deputy Minister of Health Tran Van Thuan said that currently, the forensic mental health assessment organization in the health sector consists of 7 units. In which, there are 2 Central Institutes of Forensic Psychiatry and 5 Regional Forensic Psychiatric Centers (Northern Mountains, Central Highlands, Central Highlands, Ho Chi Minh City, Southwest Region).

According to the provisions of Decree No. 64/2011/ND-CP of the Government guiding the implementation of compulsory medical treatment measures, there are currently 5 establishments that require compulsory mental health treatment to implement compulsory measures. treatment, including 2 Central Psychiatric Hospitals, 2 Central Institutes of Forensic Psychiatry and Da Nang Psychiatric Hospital under the Danang Department of Health.

These 5 facilities are responsible for treating patients in localities distributed according to geographical areas, ensuring coverage for the whole country.

According to current statistics, each center is having to perform mandatory treatment for about 600 patients with diverse, complex and extremely dangerous diseases. Some subjects commit serious crimes such as murder.

In fact, the reception, treatment and management of these subjects during the implementation process have generated many inadequacies, causing many difficulties for medical facilities as well as legal proceedings, threatening security, safety of healthcare workers and the community.

Deputy Minister Tran Van Thuan hopes that the coordination plan of the two units will be successfully implemented and bring many advantages to compulsory medical treatment establishments, management agencies as well as procedural agencies; advise leaders of ministries to soon amend and supplement legal documents that are no longer appropriate.

Leaders of the Ministry of Health also suggested that leaders of the Ministry of Public Security and Department of C11 pay attention to and direct the police forces in the area of ​​compulsory medical treatment establishments to coordinate more closely in coordination in management. to handle and track down subjects subject to compulsory medical treatment who fled.

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