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Designer Do Manh Cuong wears a gorgeous dress with branded bags for his daughter MyMy

Baby MyMy just celebrated her 3rd birthday a few days ago, with a cozy party at a luxury resort in Mui Ne, Binh Thuan. On this occasion, MyMy was given a dress collection by Do Manh Cuong’s father, sewn by hand. Sophisticated designs, take a long time.

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With white, Designer Do Manh Cuong manipulates layers of material to form stacked textures, creating an effect that looks like floating clouds. In the past, he also had a cloud-themed BST, which resonated greatly. MyMy wears a hairpin of the same color, attached with large flowers. Accompanying the outfit is a Dior saddle-shaped mini bag of the same color. This bag form of the famous French fashion house has been loved by fashionistas in recent times. Designer Do Manh Cuong just bought for his daughter not long ago.

Do Manh Cuong - Photo 2.

The bag continues to be combined with a white dress, thin fabric. On the dress, designer Do Manh Cuong attached many sweet pastel flower details. Hair accessories are made from large flowers, bright and attractive colors. Thanks to being acquainted with the camera lens from a young age, MyMy boldly helped the photo shoot go smoothly and quickly.

Do Manh Cuong - Photo 3.

MyMy wears a fishtail dress, made of brocade fabric, custom-made by the designer. The end of the dress is treated with delicate cuts and connections. MyMy carries a red, small size Dolce & Gabbana bag.

Designer Do Manh Cuong said:In the past, sometimes I wished I had a daughter so I could design her clothes. Now, dreams come true, not one but four daughters. Seeing MyMy wearing a dress made by myself, the happiness is hard to describe. Because then, the love for each dress is not only the transmission of beauty as a designer, but also the warmth of the father’s love. Each dress is not simply for beauty, but will be a piece to create beautiful memories in my family, with MyMy.“.

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Of course, a girl’s wardrobe cannot be complete without a sweet pink color. The designer created a large bow tie with a sophisticated skirt, made up of delicate ruffled details. MyMy wears a pearl hair clip to add style, carries a Dior handbag.

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With vibrant pink color, the designer created a skirt with a wide spread shape. The upper body is accented with floral details to create a large 3D shape. This treatment is often applied by him in the high-end collections of the Do Manh Cuong brand, which made a strong impression on the fashion world. MyMy is split in the middle, tied with a delicate bow tie, and gracefully behind.

Do Manh Cuong - Photo 6.

With a graceful purple dress, MyMy wears a pink bag with Chanel’s signature camellia pattern. The skirt shape is handled by designer Do Manh Cuong with many layers of interconnected fabric. The designer once said that he likes to beautify his children, so he is not afraid to buy branded goods and bags for them. Because everything is within the realm of possibility. He also believes in educating his children, directing them to values, rather than numbers, money.

Do Manh Cuong - Photo 7.

Huy Can’s father (businessman Huy Can, CEO of SIXDO) said he was delighted to see his daughter grow up healthy, active and more and more beautiful. He supports designer Do Manh Cuong to soon build a style for his children: “We are living in a time when beauty and appearance are becoming more and more important. Saying that, does not mean denying the inner values, but requires us to be more and more conscious in building synchronously the two elements in the same person. We soon shape the style for him, not for the sake of expression, directing him to competition, but hoping that he will soon form a sense of beauty in all aspects.”.

Currently, the children are still small, so the shaping of the style will depend on the father. But when the children grow up, mature, have a clearer sense, we are ready to respect their freedom and wishes. From understanding, we will work with you to find the right and most suitable direction“.

Photo: Milor Tran

Clip: Movie Tran

Makeup, hairdo: Quan Nguyen, Pu Le

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