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‘Earth MRI’ reveals another world full of strange creatures beneath Antarctica

According to Live Science, it’s a vast ocean aquifer that may have been sealed off from the outside world for thousands of years, containing creatures that have adapted and transformed completely different from the rest of the globe.

Earth MRI reveals another world full of strange creatures beneath Antarctica - Photo 1.

According to Dr. Chloe D.Gustafson from the Earth Observatory of Columbia University (USA), lead author of the study, this underground world starts from a depth of half a kilometer to 2 km, which means it must be very large and very thick. , contains about 20 times the amount of water ever found in the lake system previously discovered at the foot of the ice shelf.

A “capture” technique Earth MRI“The Whillans ice sheet in West Antarctica has revealed a new world. The technique is based on electromagnetic fields that travel through the Earth as the solar wind strikes the ionosphere, excite particles within the layer. .

These electromagnetic fields create secondary fields in ice, snow, and sediments. Combined with many modern magnetic measuring instruments, scientists will have what is called a mega-MRI or “Earth MRI”.

According to Daily Mail, It is not clear to researchers whether there is an exchange of water in this underground world or with other structures of the ice stream. Water exchange between shallow and deep systems can affect the growth of the organisms that live there, how they find nutrients, and how they adapt to their new environment.

The discovery is also good news for astronomers, who have long suspected that many icy bodies, such as Jupiter’s moons Europa or Pluto, may contain an underground world beneath the ice surface. the eternal. It could be an underground ocean, or it could be a sealed underground world, on a smaller scale like the one just discovered in Antarctica. That is believed to be where alien life is hiding.

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