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Every parent should learn!

In a meeting between Jewish mothers, sharing about how to raise their children from birth, many interesting things were revealed. They are very open about this issue, thinking that, if there is a good educational method, it should be spread to others. Because they believe that raising good children is the responsibility of every Jewish mother. They also consider raising children as expressing their responsibility for the nation. The conversation is as follows:

One Jewish mother shared: “My baby was born less than 6 weeks, I advocated showing him things with colors, for example, the color of the bottles I feed him with. I noticed that feeding him with different colored bottles Because that way the baby will like a certain color, when feeding him a bottle of the color he likes, he always shows a great appetite. Soft little hands want to hold him. Of course, when feeding your baby with a bottle of a color that the baby does not like, the baby will not be happy and will squirm all the time, avoid the bottle or vomit, sometimes even show resistance by wrinkling. you.

In addition to the bottle, I also bought her a red baby drum. I used a string to tie the drum on her arm. When her hand went up and down, the drum would make a sound. Baby likes it. To help them remember and distinguish these colors, every week I replace them with a different colored drum. In this way, for a while, the baby has memorized blue, red, yellow… in terms of shape, he knows to distinguish between circles and squares.”

2 Jewish mothers talk, reveal how to Awaken their children's intelligence from 1 month old to adulthood: Every parent should learn!  - Photo 1.

Right from birth, Jewish mothers have exposed their children to colors and stimulated grasping, so children often develop very early.

Another Jewish mother said: “There are many ways to teach children, can have children hold sheets of sandpaper and other smooth objects to teach children rough and smooth adjectives. Of course, when children hold these things, they often like to bring them up. mouth, parents must pay attention, do not let children have this habit. Let children remember that things that adults do not allow should not be put in their mouths.”

This is the method that Jewish mothers teach their children to distinguish colors, how to learn adjectives. This method was quickly accepted and applied by other mothers. Because the Jews have a very good habit of educating their children, they are always looking for ways to teach.

The Jews are the most intelligent people in the world, they seem to be born to rule this world. Although they are not a large race, numbering just over 7 million, no other racial group can match the Jews in terms of outstanding abilities and achievements. When talking about Jews, we all admire and admire.

Have you ever wondered why they have such extraordinary intelligence? Why were they born with so many advantages? Are all natural? It is entirely possible if parents care and find ways to educate their children from a young age.

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