Google Docs was “knocked down” by a simple line of text

Last night of May 6, Google Docs encountered a funny problem, when just a simple line of text could “knock down” this online word processor. Worse, if you reopen the corrupted file, the situation will continue to repeat making everyone three parts helpless and seven parts uncomfortable.

Specifically, according to BleepingComputer, this problem will occur if you type the text “And. And. And. And. And.” when the “Show grammar suggestion” feature is active.

Google Docs was

Google Docs stopped working for 1 line of plain text.

Pat Needham, who first discovered the weird Google Docs bug and posted it on their tech support forum, said:I’ve only tested in Google Chrome and with text documents from 3 different accounts (including personal, G Suite Basic, and work accounts). All 3 faced the same situation. However, if we do not capitalize, that is “and. and…”, then this bug will not happen“.

BleepingComputer says a similar situation occurs on the latest version of Google Chrome, which runs on macOS Monterey operating system. After creating a new text file and entering the word “death” above and reloading the page, you will no longer be able to review or edit your document.

Some other users have confirmed Firefox browser version 99.0.1 also encountered the same error. More seriously, this bug has many other variations when replacing the words “And” with “But, Also, Therefore, Anyway, Who, Why, Besides, However”.

Google Docs was

The “Show grammar suggestions” function is believed to be the main cause of this bug.

Recently, a representative of Google has confirmed this problem and is looking for a fix. However, before they could make the next official announcement, it seems that Google Docs has returned to normal operation without any more similar problems.

In case you still have your document file “knock down” by the text above, you can go to Tools → Spelling and grammar → turn off the option Show grammar suggestions (Tools → Spelling and grammar → Show grammar suggestions). To recover a corrupted document file, you can open the Google Docs app on your phone, edit the text, and delete all the characters that cause the error.

For some reason, the mobile version doesn’t have this error”, shared user Sauron Gorthaur, “So if you accidentally damage a document on your computer, you can get it back in your mobile Docs app.“.

According to BleepingComputer

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