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Here’s the new uniform in Hoi An, you just wear the same thing that you’ll never see

Uniforms not only appear in agencies, organizations, schools or factories, but now uniforms can also appear in some scenic spots or tourist attractions. The proof is that even though you have never given the keyword “off shoulder dress” However, recently, Hoi An has become the rendezvous of colorful dresses as if a new identity of this land.

These two female TikTok-ers just reluctantly wore the same “uniform” with a series of other tourists in Hoi An. Some are the blue and pink two-shoulder dresses that you thought were unique, but turned out to be just one of hundreds of other “cloned” products.

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Trying to act like I’m fine no matter where I’m from the same blood sisters

Not only the color of the dress, but this off-the-shoulder dress with hidden pants seems to have become an indispensable outfit for girls. Could this be the way the girls “joined in the custom” when coming to Hoi An?

Before that, there was another girl who suddenly had a series of sisters in the same pink lotus dress in Hoi An. Who said this tone is so hot this year, let’s make your trip an extended version of the class reunion

There is no shortage of dresses for girls to wear when traveling. Fluffy, tassels, 7 rainbow colors or minimalism and elegance are all available, please refer to it to avoid falling into a “resentful” clash!!!

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