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Hoa Minzy cried and missed her baby

In episode 10 of Sao enlisted, the artists were extremely excited about tank training, Hoa Minzy sobbed because she was worried about Bo.

In episode 10 Why enlisted?, the artist will undergo training with tanks. Seeing tanks at close range for the first time, the artists were all looking forward to the training session.

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The artists were surprised to be trained with tanks.

The experience of performing manoeuvres with tanks makes artists excited but also creates many difficulties when they have to load ammunition into the vehicle. When asked what is the mass of the bullet, Puka answered correctly with the answer of 31 kg. However, what made the artists laugh was that the captain “rewarded” Puka’s correct answer with the opportunity to test the bullet.

Puka challenged to carry 31 kg bullets:

In the competition “dragon snakes up in the clouds” by Puka and Hoa Minzy as captains of two teams, team Hoa Minzy lost and had to carry the other team around the tank. Anh Tu was excited when he was carried by Do Mixi.

The losing team carries the winning team around the tank:

In the break time, Hoa Minzy once again burst into tears when listening to Cara sing the song Mom’s dream. She lowered her face, silently crying because she missed her son. Hoa Minzy choked: “It’s been four days and I don’t know what he’s doing. Can I eat it. I sure miss my mom. He must have missed his mother very much.” Unable to control her emotions, Hoa Minzy turned away from everyone, hiding behind the tank and burst into tears. Puka asked permission to follow and comfort Hoa Minzy.

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Hoa Minzy lowered her face and silently shed tears.

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