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Hoang Thuy Linh, AP Army, Da LAB “burn” the Gala to welcome the 31st SEA Games

At 7:00 p.m. on May 7, the 2022 Southeast Asian Youth Festival was organized by the Youth Union – Youth Union – Vietnam Student Association in Hanoi to celebrate the Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games). The 31st has officially taken place.

Right from the announcement of the program, the audience was extremely excited as this is one of the important events contributing to creating a vibrant atmosphere to welcome the 31st SEA Games. Besides the festival’s activities, the night Special Gala with the participation of Vpop stars Definitely a must-see for fans.

The AP army appeared handsome and open at the Gala night, conquering the audience’s hearts with a series of 3 songs

One of the most awaited male artists on the gala night is none other than Quan AP. Every time the male singer appears, it makes the audience present constantly whisper with his handsomeness. This Gala night was no exception, as soon as the AP Army appeared on stage, the atmosphere at Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square was extremely lively. The first song that Quan AP gave the audience was You Are My Crush – a composition with a cute melody that has received a lot of love from fans.

Quan AP is the male singer who opened the show

He makes the audience excited because of his handsome appearance

The next two songs that AP Army brought to the Gala night were Wake Up and The Most Beautiful Flower. Wake Up is a music product that he performed at a competition not long ago. Particularly with The Most Beautiful Flower, This is a hit song that once made waves in the music industry, so at the stage, tens of thousands of spectators sang along with the AP Army.

AP troops continue to stir up the air with Get Up and Go…

… and The Most Beautiful Flower

Tang Duy Tan stirred up the night with his favorite songs

Tang Duy Tan is a cheap male artist who is loved by the audience with products such as 05 Khong Phai, Tinh Dau, Innocent or Da Vu… Coming to the 31st SEA Games celebration festival, Tang Duy Tan brought two cases. segment First love and 05 No Fading. Impressed by his ghostly voice as well as his ability to seduce, the male singer captivated the audience from the very first seconds.

Tang Duy Tan is the next male artist to appear on the show

He brings songs that used to be loved by the audience

Right after that, Tang Duy Tan continued to perform a two-song mashup Night dance and Innocence. With modern tunes, inspirational voices, and civilized music, the performance of Tang Duy Tan and Phong Max received a lot of support from tens of thousands of spectators present.

The tune familiar to viewers on TikTok was brought to the stage by Tang Duy Tan

Hoang Thuy Linh “ignites” the music night with Hoang’s mashup and a series of hits that cause “storms”.

Right from the reveal of the line-up, Hoang Thuy Linh has become a factor attracting attention. In the past time, her music products every time they are released, quickly create trends on social networking platforms. Present at the concert to welcome the 31st SEA Games, Hoang Thuy Linh opened with her favorite song called Sowing Hexagrams. Although when I stepped on the stage, it started to rain, but this was not “sweet” for Hoang Thuy Linh.

Hoang Thuy Linh appeared with the song “Geo Que”

She quickly exploded the stage with a series of hits in her career

In front of the audience’s cheers, Hoang Thuy Linh continued to perform the mashup in the album Hoang and the song See Love. With this performance, the singer and her dancers “ignited” the music night with extreme choreography. Even, Hoang Thuy Linh’s performance made MC Xuan Bac not hide his excitement but had to say “clap your hands” when she was performing.

Hoang Thuy Linh brings a vibrant song in the album Hoang

And mingle with the audience in the song See Tinh

Da LAB is the highlight of closing the special Gala night with 5 consecutive songs

The last artists to appear on the night were the group Da LAB. The appearance of Da LAB with students when performing at universities was not strange. Therefore, the appearance of Da LAB immediately made tens of thousands of spectators present excited and in unison with familiar songs. That can be said as Youth, Abandon Worry, Wake Up, Youth Song and One Home. The moment Da LAB closed the music night left beautiful memories in the hearts of the audience.

Da LAB are the artists who closed the Gala night to welcome the 31st SEA Games

The artists made tens of thousands of spectators below sing along to each song in unison

The moment the students approached the stage together to resonate with Da LAB 20220507190428119.chn

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