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Honoring the agricultural model that adapts to climate change

At the announcement ceremony of the $250,000 prize, organized by the US State Department in Washington, the 73-year-old scientist said that she hopes the recognition will help bring more attention to efforts to improve the agricultural system. and food to adapt to climate change.

According to US Under Secretary of State for Energy, Economic Growth and Environment Jose Fernandez, more than 160 million people worldwide face food insecurity in 2021 – a 19% increase from the previous year. This is mainly due to a decline in food production due to climate change.

Honoring the agricultural model adapting to climate change - Photo 1.

Ms. Cynthia Rosenzweig will speak and receive the 2022 World Food Prize in Des Moines City – USA in October Photo: AP

Meanwhile, the World Food Prize Organization (based in Des Moines, Iowa – USA) affirmed that Ms. Rosenzweig’s research directly helped policymakers in more than 90 countries develop plans. climate change response.

According to the AP news agency, Ms. Rosenzweig’s research was also the foundation for the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to make its first judgments about the effects of climate change on US agriculture in 1988. Rosenzweig was also the first scientist to turn the attention of the American Agronomist Society to climate change.

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