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How are youth summer camps organized in France?

Nguyen My Linh (TV reporter in France)Saturday, May 7, 2022 08:00 GMT+7

What children do during the holidays when their parents still have to work is a question that many parents around the world have a headache. In many European countries, with dense holidays, how will parents manage their children so that they do not have to close the door to look after each other in the house, or hunch over computer screens and TVs. How will physical activity and exploration of nature or culture be celebrated during these holidays in France?

Scenes often seen on the streets of Paris on holidays, children from other provinces or countries coming to France to visit schools and youth camps are quite common. For many years now, organizing summer camps for teenagers has been one of the activities that France has paid special attention to. Activities are diverse not only in content but also in form. Parents can choose to send their children to explore abroad or within France, go to the beach, go to the mountains, explore nature, be physically active or develop artistic talents, depending on their economic ability. family and, of course, your preferences.

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Besides private organizations operating as businesses, the provinces and cities themselves also organize similar activities, on a smaller scale with modest costs and subsidies for students. or low-income families. This not only creates equal opportunities for youth to enjoy, but also greatly supports parents and workers.

Chiristian Salles – Bordeaux resident said: “I attended children’s camps from the age of 7 to 14, where people also learn independence, each person has a small closet and learns to clean personal belongings. Youth summer camp is also a philosophy of life.”

Not only helps children develop physically, but youth camp activities also narrow the boundaries of understanding between classes of citizens.

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