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I picked up my mother-in-law to retire, but seeing her actions made me cry

That day, after eating and cleaning, my mother-in-law called me into my room and gave me something that surprised me, then burst into tears after hearing her say a few sentences.

When I was a student, my husband studied hard and always got excellent grades and often received scholarships. Therefore, I liked him and took the initiative to approach, and then we officially confessed our love after 6 months of being friends.

I am the only child in a rich family, so when I graduated from college, I easily got a good job according to my parents’ arrangement.

As for my husband, he also found a professional job with his own efforts, but my family at that time still tried to prevent us from loving each other because my parents criticized my husband for being poor and having a poor family background. out what.

I announced my pregnancy, which forced my family to agree to the marriage, and also gave me and my wife half of the money to buy a house to make sure I didn’t suffer. I know that my husband is also a little uncomfortable, so I also have to do ideological work forever.

As the only son in the family, my husband is loved by his parents. Since he was a child until he was an adult, his parents wholeheartedly nurtured his career path, working day and night to have money for him to pay tuition fees in the first years of university. There were times when it was so difficult that he wanted to drop out of school so as not to burden his parents, but his father firmly disagreed.

I picked up my mother-in-law to retire, but seeing her actions made me cry

After we got married, my father-in-law unfortunately passed away in an accident. The small house in the countryside of the previous two grandparents was always cozy, full of laughter, now it’s just silence.

The mother-in-law was too shocked by her husband’s sudden departure, so it was only after a short time that she seemed to have aged ten years. Therefore, after returning to the new house, my husband discussed with me his intention to welcome my mother from the countryside to live with her so that she could rest. She is also 70 years old, pick her up to take care of her.

My mother said that I shouldn’t agree because being with her mother-in-law would be very tiring, but following her husband’s wishes, I agreed even though it was a bit uncomfortable, because to tell the truth, it’s okay to live apart, but not close to each other. mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are also tired.

My mother-in-law probably understands that, so she said that she prefers the atmosphere in the countryside to her relatives and friends, and when she goes to the city, she is afraid that no one will play with her.

Although she said that with her mouth, I knew in her heart that she really wanted to go up with her children and grandchildren, because every time I brought my children back to the countryside, when I returned to the city, my mother-in-law always cried because she missed her grandson.

This time, my husband decided to bring my mother up to live with her because her health was getting worse and worse, leaving her alone at home, he was not at all reassured. Due to health problems, she reluctantly agreed to follow her son’s advice.

Since coming to live with us, my mother-in-law has been happier. That day, my husband reported that he was going on a business trip to Da Nang for a month. At home, it was only my mother, my daughter, and my grandchildren, so I also used to draw and cook for fun at home.

After eating and cleaning that day, my mother-in-law called me into my room and gave me a savings book worth nearly 1 billion.

She said that she planned to give it to us when my husband and I bought a house because she knew that at that time my parents only gave me half of the money, the rest we also borrowed everywhere, but at that time my father-in-law had just passed away, so she I don’t have the heart to think too much.

Now that she has come to live with me, she sees my sincere devotion to her, so she also considers me like a daughter. She said this is the amount of money that grandparents have saved their whole life, giving it to me to take care of the family.

I asked her why she didn’t give it to my husband, she said she believed I would know how to manage and arrange it properly, and she considered me like a daughter, it was normal to give it to me. I refused, but my mother-in-law forced me to hold it so she could rest easy.

I did not expect that my mother-in-law would trust me with the money she had saved all her life without worrying. I told myself that I would treat her well, not because of the money she gave, but because she was such a wonderful mother that she was always devoted to her children.

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