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Indonesian newspaper: Coach Shin Tae-yong blamed the failure because the training ground was not right

After a completely convincing defeat against U.23 Vietnam 0-3 opening day of men’s football SEA Games 31coach Shin Tae-yong of U.23 Indonesia still makes excuses because the training ground is bad, but is it correct?.

Accordingly, the speech after the game Coach Shin Tae-yong admitted: “I have nothing to justify the loss U.23 Vietnam. They won 3-0 so I don’t have too much to say other than to congratulate the home team on the victory.”

The Indonesian U.23 players (left) only know how to follow U.23 Vietnam from the middle of the second half


However, on Indonesian pressCoach Shin Tae-yong said: “Part of the reason for Indonesia U.23’s loss was because we were treated without Fair Play when attending the SEA Games. We came here and practiced on very bad pitches, and U.23 Vietnam is the host, so we are favored to practice better. This has contributed to the negative impact, and made me unhappy.”

Even so, the page Also of Indonesia, citing some analysis from the press in this country, “to blame again for coach Shin Tae-yong’s training ground is just an embarrassing excuse”.

The truth has been exposed that U.23 Indonesia completely lost U.23 Vietnam, page wrote and analyzed further: “Coach Park Hang-seo of U.23 Vietnam realized that from the 60th minute, the Indonesian players had clearly lost their physical strength, they focused on this weakness to continue to put intense pressure. bounce and knock your opponent down”.

It is the responsibility of coach Shin Tae-yong to prepare for them, including the training trip in Indonesia. Korea is the most crucial, but after 3 friendly matches the players have not made any progress, page added.

U.23 Indonesia (right) completely lost U.23 Vietnam


In addition, the page He also said that the meager training sessions when coming to Phu Tho of U.23 Indonesia did not play any major role in helping the player reach the best physical condition, but must be the basic preparation from before, both physically. force and tactics. The training ground may not be in perfect condition, but it is still eligible for the Indonesian U.23 players to complete the pre-match training sessions without much impact on their expertise.

Therefore, it is not right for coach Shin Tae-yong to blame the failure of U.23 Indonesia for the bad training ground. While the problems of the team of thousands of islands, which were admitted by this military leader, are still very poor in terms of physical strength and concentration, so far it is clear that they have not been overcome. And it’s coach Shin Tae-yong’s fault, p conclude.

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