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iPhone 4s users have a chance to be compensated by Apple

As part of a class action agreement on performance issues related to iOS 9Apple has agreed to pay $20 million to individuals and entities in New York and New Jersey who currently own or have owned iPhone 4s updated from iOS 7 or iOS 8 to any version of iOS 9.

iPhone 4s comes pre-installed with iOS 5 at launch. The plaintiffs allege that their phones “degraded in performance” after upgrading to the new operating system in 2015.

According to petition, Apple misrepresented that iOS 9 was compatible with the iPhone 4s and helped improve or enhance performance for customers who had downloaded the software update. Instead, iOS 9 significantly slowed down the performance of their iPhone 4s models. And if iPhone 4s users have updated to iOS 9 and are located in the said region, they will receive a compensation of $15 per applicable device.

Reportedly, when introducing iOS 9, Apple promised that the operating system would “provide faster scrolling, smoother animations, and better overall performance” on all supported iPhones, including even iPhone 4s. iOS 9 was the last iOS version supported by the iPhone 4s due to hardware limitations.

The lawsuit was filed six years ago in the Eastern District of New York and requires court approval. When the lawsuit is complete, the class action organizers will submit a website that provides information on how to file a claim with a customer.

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