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It’s not beautiful, it’s this point in a woman that makes men fall in love

It's not beautiful, it's this point in a woman that makes men fall in love - 1

Soft-spoken women always attract men (illustration).

The effect of loud speech

An elderly friend of mine told me, when he was in the neighborhood that the agency assigned, he was very happy because he lived there happily and comfortably. For several years, there was no sound of arguing or people shouting at each other.

Later, when the area was cleared, the government planned to build a new apartment. He had to move to another area. In this new area, he had to go to the hospital every day because every day he heard the families talking loudly or arguing. He found that it causes headaches and stress.

The effect of gentle words

Some time ago, a middle school friend got married, she said she liked him, the reason was from a phone call. At that time, the two still did not know each other, attended a mutual friend’s birthday party, and when they returned, they were on the same road, so they shared a taxi.

On the way, he received a phone call, when he spoke very gently and clearly, he hung up, then he realized that he had called his mother to report safety.

At that time, my friend in my heart developed sympathy, she told us: “First time hearing a man talk on the phone so softly, it is important to his family, mother Who doesn’t complain often, but he still talked softly for nearly 15 minutes. It is confirmed that this person is filial and has a calm disposition.”

Having lived together for a few years, found that the way he treats people is indeed similar to the way he talks, refined and clear, stable and reliable.

My history teacher once shared that he himself had a good mother, who from a young age taught him little by little about human behavior, helping him learn sympathy and tolerance. The soft-spoken mother was his best example. So later on, no matter what contradiction or friction he encountered, he could gently resolve it.

He is an example of a gentle teacher who never scolds students even when he makes a mistake. He always taught gently, gently, so that students after graduating from school always remember him.

The gentle words of women are especially important in the family

The mouth is not only a facial feature, but also deeply affects a woman’s destiny. The more gentle a woman speaks, the more blessed she is.

Some women are luckier than others, and that’s partly because they know how to speak softly. Regardless of the circumstances, they always know how to behave according to the situation, just a few sentences can give people a sense of polite intelligence.

When faced with a contradiction, ordinary people will use resolute “strong” words like a sword to talk to the other person. But there are some gentle women who know how to turn those “strong” words into “soft drizzle”, making the tense atmosphere suddenly become light.

They don’t need a face that moves people’s hearts, don’t need the beauty of fish and birds, just relying on gentle words can melt people’s hearts like a spring breeze.

In the family, soft-spoken women always keep happiness and bring joy to the whole family.

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