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Jung Hae In failed the male lead award, the DP was bountiful at Baeksang 2022

DP (Dog Days), a military-themed drama with the participation of Jung Hae In, Koo Kyo Hwa,… has earned its first sweet fruits at the 58th Baeksang Awards (in 2022).

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The cast is delighted to receive the first awards of DP

Actor Koo Kyo Hwan won the award Best New Actor. In the movie DP, he plays Corporal Han Ho Yul of the Military Police unit, receiving the task of hunting down deserters and rookie Ahn Joon Ho (played by Jung Hae In).

koo kyo hwan voi giai nam dien vien moi xuat sac phim dp d295c6f8fcf34d8db60d45976d5cfc0d
Koo Kyo Hwan with Best New Actor Award (movie ‘DP’)

Following the success of the film crew, actor Jo Hyun Chul won the award Best Supporting Actor. The role of Private Cho Suk Bong surprised the audience by his goosebumps acting ability.

jo hyun chul voi giai nam dien vien phu xuat sac phim dp 6f8372d79af24ef498213e8ce0c4c3e7

Jo Hyun Chul with Best Supporting Actor (movie ‘DP’)

Sitting under the guest seat, actor Jung Hae In could not hide his joy when his co-stars in DP won the prestigious acting award. The two actors hugged each other and celebrated the awards that DP won. Jung Hae In constantly cheered and encouraged the spirit of his colleagues in the moment of receiving the award.

jung hae in vui mung truoc giai thuong cua ban dien 235663e8c5424eea94e41e2c6afc3c29
Jung Hae In is overjoyed at his co-star’s award

With the success of the film, DP has excellently reaped the first 2 awards out of 5 nominations at this year’s Baeksang Awards.

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