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LG achieved more than 17.5 billion USD in revenue in the first quarter of the year

LG has just announced its revenue for the first quarter of 2022, reaching 21.110 billion KRW ($17.53 billion), up 18.5% year-on-year.

This is also the highest quarterly revenue in the company’s history. Of which, LG recorded an operating profit of 1.880 billion KRW ($1.56 billion). This also reflects the high consumption demand of consumers for LG-branded products, helping them aim to upgrade, build a healthy living space and save energy efficiently.

LG achieved revenue of more than 17.5 billion USD in the first quarter of the year - Photo 1

LG just announced the results business favorable in the first months of 2022


Prominent is the segment of home entertainment equipment LG reported revenue of 4.060 billion KRW ($3.38 billion) and operating profit of 188.40 billion KRW ($156.44 million). This success affirms LG’s efforts when continuously satisfying a wide range of smart TV product lines, possessing a unique design combining technology outstanding.

LG home appliances and air solutions recorded first-quarter sales of 7.970 billion KRW ($6.62 billion) with an operating profit of 447.60 billion KRW ($371.68 million). Sales increased by 18.8% year-on-year and achieved the company’s highest quarterly revenue, mainly thanks to business performance from high-end home appliances and the equipment portfolio. New as care products health steam technology applications.

LG Car Components Solutions posted quarterly sales of 1.880 billion KRW ($1.56 billion). Sales increased by 8.5% year-on-year, showing a positive signal thanks to LG’s proactive response to the current shortage of car semiconductors and better cost management capabilities. to further improve profitability.

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