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Love you even though everything about you is fake

I met you on a dating app. I actively get acquainted. Reading her profile and looking at her picture, I was captivated.

We talk very well, she is gentle and cute. My sister and I quickly fell in love because of the same outlook on life, and our age was not too young. I am 40 years old and she is 33 years old. We decided to build happiness so we wanted to make an appointment.

Since she brought work into love, forcing me to do it is no fun. You introduced me to a foreign currency trading application, I don’t know anything yet. She repeatedly forced me to do it, providing a two-sided ID card, phone number, address, and bank account number and had to deposit 25 million dong. I was afraid to give that information, actually we have known each other for less than 15 days. She gave me a fake phone number, I couldn’t call; The shop address is also fake. I don’t do what you say, only when I meet you and know each other well.

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Every time I made an appointment to meet you, I agreed, but then immediately turned around, didn’t meet again, only when I registered for a recharge account would I let you meet. She said to try to see if she was the most important person to me, love is trusting each other completely. I decided to wait until I met her, knew about her, and then did something. We quarreled and broke up, I don’t know if you really exist but still love and hope you sincerely. I haven’t been able to find her yet, what should I do now?


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