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Make use of old light bulbs to decorate your home super pretty

If you refer to this article, you will surely be more confident in decorating your home and ignore the idea that it takes a lot of money to decorate and create a delicate beautiful space.

Because in this article, it has been proved that, with limited costs, easy-to-find and cheap items, can still awaken delicate and gentle beauty to your home.

The important thing is that you find really interesting ideas or not?

1. Decorative light bulbs in niches

What has been placed inside of your home’s decorative shelf? Don’t turn them into temporary storage that makes the space feel cramped and cluttered.

Only a few small items are enough for you to awaken the hidden beauty of the space. A broken light bulb is used for decorative purposes. Inside a dry tree branch, several colored pebbles of various sizes.

Next to the stone lotus pot is equally compact. This duo will help you get a more beautiful picture than ever, lightness and peace for your home.


2. Light bulb lit

With a more spacious small corner, you will be proud to add a soft light bulb. The whole atmosphere will be more cozy, blending with the delicate beauty from the small landscape inside.


3. Light bulb in metal basket

You can choose a black or white metal basket to fit 2 bulbs inside. Try to choose the most beautiful, favorite, and best-looking things like snail shells, dry bushes, tiny statues… Corner miniatures will make your home space more beautiful, more attractive with ideas this unique idea.


4. Hanging light bulb

You can install the light bulb in a glass box. The outer rope will act as a cover for the light bulb. The miniatures will be cleverly arranged inside the box and on the lid. The vases bring green color and grace to the room that makes anyone who comes to can’t stop looking.


5. Refresh the light bulb

The light bulb is old, no longer in use with the main function, you can use them and paint the outside, you can add numbers to each ball and put them in a lovely, easy-to-see decor corner. there in the house.


6. Bulb wrapped and hung

Wrap the bulbs and hang them on a dry branch near a windowsill where there is plenty of light. They not only provide more light, add warm accents, but also help the small corner to be brighter and more attractive.


7. Light bulb combined with wood

The light bulb is placed inside the wooden box, adding a few green plants to create accents for the corner of the house.


8. Bulb in the frame

The picture frames are connected by light bulbs. They are lit up in any space and instantly stand out.


9. Beverage bulb

It’s interesting that you own a light bulb with a lid with a beverage function. They will make your small outdoor corner more poetic.


10. Flower arrangement bulb

Make a difference to your living space by using light bulbs to arrange flowers and plant leaves that you love.



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