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Moldova breakaway hit by drones

Separatist forces in the region Transnistria of the Moldovanear the border with Ukraine, said on May 7 that this place was attacked by drones four times in the last night.

Photos of the scene of the attack on the night of 6.5 released by Transnistria’s interior agency

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Reuters reported that the interior agency of the breakaway region Transnistria belong Moldova, bordering Ukraine, on May 7 said this area was attacked by drones four times during the night. Transnistria’s interior agency also released photos of craters believed to have been caused by the attack.

According to Transnistria’s interior service, the attacks in the Rybnitsa district in the north of the breakaway region caused no casualties. In the statement, the agency did not name anyone suspected of being behind the latest attacks. Show army Russia guarding a base military with a large stockpile of Soviet-era ammunition in Transnistria.

In the past two weeks, similar attacks have been reported in the breakaway Transnistria region, raising concerns that the conflict in Ukraine could spread elsewhere.

The breakaway region in Moldova says it stopped sabotage plots with UAVs

Ukraine has repeatedly denied all accusations that the country caused the incidents in Transnistria, and said Kyiv believes that Russia is orchestrating attacks to incite war. Moscow has also denied the allegations.

For the past 30 years, Russia has deployed peacekeepers in the breakaway Transnistria region. The recent attacks have raised concerns that Transnistria could be drawn into the conflict in Ukraine. Moldova’s government says it suspects “pro-war” factions within the separatists are fueling tensions.

Last month, a senior Russian commander said Moscow plans to take full control of southern Ukraine. This will improve Russia’s access to Transnistria.

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