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Mr. Tuan ‘Street in the village’ holds his wife’s hand and sings at the wedding

During the wedding ceremony, actor Anh Tuan knelt down to give the ring to his wife Diem Quynh.

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On the evening of May 7, the actor’s official wedding ceremony Handsome ‘Street in the village’ takes place in Hanoi. Groom Anh Tuan and bride Diem Quynh beamed with happiness on their happy day.
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At the wedding, Anh Tuan sang at the wedding to receive the bride from his father-in-law’s hand. The actor also knelt down to give his wife a ring in the presence of family and close friends.
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“All the people present in the auditorium today, appearing in Tuan’s life at the moment, have their own stories and reasons. Tuan would like to thank everyone for their support. best wishes to Tuan and Quynh”, the groom Anh Tuan said at the wedding.
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Bride Diem Quynh wears a floating dress on the big day. Mr. Tuan carefully lifted the dress to break during the wedding ceremony.
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The couple exchanged sweet glances as they poured wine.
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Director Trong Trinh was present at Anh Tuan’s wedding ceremony. He professed father and son to Anh Tuan and wished the actor a hundred years of happiness.
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Huynh Anh and his girlfriend were present early to the wedding ceremony. “Wishing Tuan a hundred years of happiness, thank you for being a connecting thread for Huynh Anh and Phuong”, Huynh Anh said.
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“Tuan is a very good boy, so I believe your life will be full of joy. Wish you soon have a happy baby at home”, actor Thanh Huong shared.
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Police East ‘Street in the village’ was also present to celebrate with Anh Tuan.
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Actor Anh Vu wishes actor Anh Tuan steady in life and marriage.
anh tuan om binh an cam on tinh cam cua moi nguoi danh cho vo chong minh 46053b6b5d164e999b7d3b1025a7ef63
Mr. Tuan hugged Binh An, thanking everyone for their love for his wife.


Anh Tuan's sweet wedding photo 'Street in the village' and his wife 11 years youngerAnh Tuan’s sweet wedding photo ‘Street in the village’ and his wife 11 years youngerWatch now

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