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Obsessed with the fact that his wife had sex with six people before marriage

My wife and I have been married for seven years and have two children. I am 30 years old, my wife is 32 years old. Regarding sex, my husband and I are a bit open-minded.

We knew each other for a few months before we got married because we were pregnant before marriage. At the time of marriage, the relationship did not develop much, but because I was pregnant, I had to get married. Before going home, I asked her about it, she said she loved and had sex with two people before she knew me. I was a bit disappointed, but it was still acceptable because I also tried to have premarital sex with you. After the wedding, the couple’s feelings were stronger than when they were in love, almost all conflicts were resolved by the two children, so there was no big argument.

The main problem is that after six or seven years of marriage, our sex life declines, husband and wife often talk about sex to improve the situation. Once, the wife told the truth that she had gone over the limit with six people, not two as she said, those two people were in love for a long time, the other four were only close once or twice, including two foreigners. After hearing that, I was shocked and disappointed. I don’t speak my mind, just act normal and find a way to think freely to clear my mind, but it’s not easy.

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Recently, when watching a short video on social networks about women having sex with many people before marriage is dirty. That makes me quite haunted, thinking if there is anyone else that my wife hides from me. During the time of drinking, I spoke out my thoughts and insulted my wife. My wife is now at home, I texted to apologize but didn’t reply. I know it’s my fault for insulting my wife, but it’s also my wife’s fault. My wife, who lived freely before, now forces me to endure it but considers it no big deal.

I understand the present is the most important, but the pain of the past is easy to forget or accept, it takes time and methods. Sometimes it’s just one problem that destroys the whole marriage journey. I hope to receive a sincere sharing so that the couple can see the wrongs of both sides as well as how to relieve themselves psychologically.


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