On which channel do you watch U23 Vietnam vs U23 Indonesia live?

Direct U23 Vietnam vs U23 Indonesia

Although the opening day of May 12 is new, the 31st SEA Games starts today (May 6) with the first matches of men’s football. Match U23 Vietnam vs U23 Indonesia taking place at 7pm, broadcast on VTV6, YouTube Next Sports channel and many other platforms.

Electronic newspaper VTC News broadcasts live, continuously updates, the earliest happenings and pictures of the U23 Vietnam vs U23 Indonesia match.

U23 Vietnam is nominally the reigning SEA Games men’s soccer champion. However, the home team only has 4 members left in the squad that won the gold medal in the Philippines in 2019. The current class of players led by Coach Park Hang Seo has not created a sense of peace of mind for the fans. The tomb is like Quang Hai’s generation.

With the task of defending the throne, playing at home is both a driving force and a pressure for U23 Vietnam. In such circumstances, the role of Do Hung Dung, Nguyen Hoang Duc and Nguyen Tien Linh, seasoned national players, is crucial.

On which channel do you watch U23 Vietnam vs U23 Indonesia live?  - first

U23 Vietnam faced U23 Indonesia in the opening match of SEA Games 31.

U23 Indonesia is one of the teams with the strongest force at the 31st SEA Games. U23 Vietnam, U23 Thailand are currently a new generation of players, do not have much battle experience and are not appreciated as seniors. . Meanwhile, U23 Indonesia is expected to be the “golden generation” that can help the team of thousands of islands compete for the number one position in Southeast Asia in the future.

U23 Indonesia attended the 31st SEA Games with a full lineup of national players, many of which were the mainstays of the squad reaching the finals. AFF Cup 2020. Faces like Witan Sulaeman, Asnawi Mangkualam, Egy Maulana … once held the Vietnam team.

U23 Vietnam will need the best performance with the strongest possible force in the opening match. Coach Park Hang Seo and his students faced the most difficult opponent in the group stage.

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