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Parents play the role of career guidance experts for students

HanoiReceiving the question “Are pharmacists only selling drugs” from a group of 9th graders, Ms. Kim Oanh said while opening the illustration to explain.

At the Career Discovery Day held by Olympia High School on the afternoon of May 6 with the role of a parent advising high school students, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dao Thi Kim Oanh, a lecturer at Hanoi University of Pharmacy, carry a variety of medicine as a tool. I also prepared an information slide about Pharmacology because many students are expected to have questions.

“I had the opportunity to share with many of my children’s friends, so I prepared carefully to help them have a broader view of the pharmaceutical industry,” said Ms. Oanh.

As expected, groups of students kept coming to her desk for advice. The question she gets the most is “Will the pharmacist sell drugs?”. Just pointing at the picture on the laptop, she introduced the branches of the pharmaceutical industry such as therapeutic pharmacy, clinical pharmacy… When she said it, she explained it carefully. The “one-day career coach” also shared about the process of manufacturing and delivering drugs to consumers so that they understood that selling drugs is only a very small part of the pharmaceutical industry.

Ms. Kim Oanh advises students on Pharmacy.  Photo: Duong Tam

Ms. Kim Oanh advises students. Image: Duong Tam

Two tables away, Dr. Pham Huyen Khanh, CEO of an eye clinic, wearing a white blouse, passionately talked about the skills required when working in the Health sector. Printed a set of posters about the top leading medical schools, the route to study Medicine, and distributed to all students interested in this field.

“Some children do not fully understand the industry. Some have won a scholarship to study medicine but still come to ask for advice about the difficulties of being a doctor or job opportunities when returning to Vietnam. I am very happy for my children. asking practical questions,” said Ms. Khanh, saying that this is a good opportunity for students to better understand different types of careers, thereby making appropriate choices after high school.

Parents play the role of career guidance experts for students

Doctor Pham Huyen Khanh talked about students’ questions during Career Discovery Day. Video: Duong Tam

Sitting behind the career board “Supply Chain Management”, Ms. Truong Thi Lan Anh was also sought by many students. It took her quite a while to explain this industry, from the concept to the job description.

After 20 years of working in the profession, preparing many content to support students, she is still surprised by the questions of students in grades 9-12 such as “How is the salary of this job compared to another job?”, “What is the job like? attractive?”, “How is the promotion route?”. She did not expect students to actively research so carefully.

“The feeling of being shared as an expert is very interesting. The way the children ask questions also makes me have a different view of the students’ initiative and ability today”, Ms. Lan Anh shared.

In addition to the above professions, many other counseling desks have the presence of parents, representing industries such as tourism, law, educational management, media or psychology. Many former students also participated and shared about modern industries such as music production, photography or Tiktoker.

At the festival, Truong Thi Linh Nhan, 9th grade, gathered a lot of information and began to imagine the professions she liked through the sharing of her parents. With the Psychology major, Nhan used to be approached through movies and social networks, but today, she has clear knowledge and knows that the discipline is divided into many branches with different job opportunities.

“The way parents share information is very different from that of teachers or career experts. Teachers often find out our strengths and then suggest suitable majors. Parents only advise on one industry but very deeply. and give me a very realistic view,” Nhan said.

In addition to professional knowledge, Nhan also sees the enthusiasm of parents in each industry. I realized that only by pursuing my favorite industry can I work with enthusiasm and achieve success.

Students attentively take notes about careers from their parents.  Photo: Duong Tam

Students attentively take notes about careers from their parents. Image: Duong Tam

MSc. Nguyen Hanh Chi, Head of the Office of College Counseling, Study Abroad and Career Guidance, Olympia High School, shared that what Nhan received during the Career Discovery Day is also the school’s goal through the chain. this event.

In addition to the intensive and integrated career guidance program in subjects, consulting activities and experiences at the school, Olympia School also allows students in grades 10-11 to practice for a week (40 hours) per year in businesses. They can choose a place to practice or ask the school to connect, then submit their CV and participate in an interview. Although the internship period is not long, this activity helps them to know early if they are suitable for that profession or not.

Seeing her children get career guidance at school early and realizing the necessity of this activity, Ms. Lan Anh hopes all high school students can do the same. According to her, in the past, students went to school mainly to get good grades. Most do not have a career orientation, leading to many people dropping out of school or having to change careers midway.

According to a survey by the Center for Human Resource Forecasting and Labor Market Information in Ho Chi Minh City in 2019, about 60% of students chose the wrong major, 75% lacked understanding about the chosen profession.

Ms. Hanh Chi said that organizing career-oriented activities for students is not difficult but requires determination and consensus from the administrators, teachers, and parents. The cost for this activity varies by school. However, even when the budget is tight, schools still have available resources to do it, such as inviting parents and former students to come to the school to share so that they can have a realistic view of many professions.

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